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An amazing and an attractive person. Great as a soldier, yet even greater as a statesman.

Japan Times, Tokyo

The greatest leader Asia Minor has created in a century.

The Japan Chronicle, Kobe

The reality that tore apart the traditions of the Turkish foreign and domestic policies after the establishment of the Republic were the traces of his genius. At the time Atatürk passed away, the main target of Turkish foreign policy was to keep peace around the Near East, the Balkans and the Western Asia and to improve the mutual understanding among the countries of the region. This ideal will keep Turkey from getting into one of the “ideological fronts” of Europe that threathen the continent seriously.

Japanese Press

On the death anniversary of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder and the first President of Modern Turkey, I would like to pay my respect to this great leader of mankind and send my sincere greetings to the Turkish Nation.

Atatürk is very well known in Japan. He has saved Turkey from the disasters after the First World War and has been a hero by winning a great victory. He is a great statesman who has created a new Turkish Republic from the ruins of the Ottoman Empire. We have admired Atatürk’s reformist deeds, especially those concerning the Turkish Language.