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Kemal Atatürk was my hero in my youth. We were dealing with our own independance movement at the time. Me and my friends were imprisoned. We were in jail, watching Kemal Pasha’s struggle to save Turkey from foreign dominion. I can never forget our celebration and happiness in jail when we heard about his great victory. Later, we read about his reforms. At those times it was impossible for us to comprehend those reforms.

I highly appreciated the moves of Kemal Pasha. His dynamism and potential was to be highly admired. I wanted so much to visit him, however I didn’t have the chance. I’m really sorry for that. He is one of those who created the modern era in the East. I will keep being one of his greatest admirers.

Pandit NEHRU, Prime Minister of India

Kemal Atatürk has been more constructive and creative than all the personalities of power balances within Europe that were created by the war. His great success in military saved his country from the rule of foreign powers. After many defeats, his talented diplomacy won Turkey an important international reputation in Europe. He managed to save his country from disgrace and coped with all sorts of threats and dangers.

A Hindu Leader

Contrary to other dictators or leaders, Kemal Atatürk did not force people in relation with him to accept his political and social views. He always wanted to review his reformist plan with his people. He believed that this was the only way to be successful and he tried his best to convince the Turkish people. Kemal Atatürk disliked two things, being proud of himself and being threatened.

Palestine Post

He fought unforgivingly with the enemies of the Republic. After the State was secure from possible enemy threats, he prepared a democratic basis for the citizens of his country for more freedom and opportunities. He was always against totalitarian party mechanisms. Under his rule, Turkey became a strong constitutional Republican, democratic country.

Civil and Military Newspaper

Today, the National Assembly accepted the resolution to send a condolence message to Turkey on the death of the Great Leader and decided to cease its meeting for one day in order to show its respect. The resolution was offered by the Congress Party leader Mr. Buhulabhal Desai and was supported by all other leaders in the Assembly. President of the Assembly, Mr. Abdürrahim said:

“Atatürk was a man who had a great influence on the world’s politics. His effect on most of Asia and its people was functional and exceptional.”

Delhi, 14th November, 1938

Speeches were given and poems were read for Atatürk at the National Assembly of India and everyone cried for him.

Times Correspondent in Delhi

Once, Asia used to be proud of its glamorous past with its immense civilizations in order to avoid its shameful misery of today. Later, we saw Asia immitating Europe in a dark and desperate era. The forthcoming of Renaissence was a miracle and Asia began to show itself. In the far

east, Japan has managed to arrange its sources according to the necessities of the new age and has achieved a reputation among the top countries on the world. It is a shame that its acts of arrogance will bring its end and from now on, it is impossible to take it as the possible deliverer of Asia’s reputation. While we had turned our faces to the reborn Turkey as a hope, we heard the bitter news about Kemal’s death. Before Kemal appeared on the scene and reminded us about the victorious past of Asia, Turkey was seen as a Sick Man in Europe. His deeds have given us a new hope of life in the east and that is why we highly admire Kemal’s spirit. His death is a great loss for Turkey, as well as for the whole world. Kemal Pasha’s bravery is not only on the battlefield. He has leaded a tough war against the treachery of ignorance, perhaphs the most difficult war a nation can ever face. He was a great deliverer of his people. He should be a great example for us.

Rabindranath, Indian Philosopher

His inspiring success has placed him easily in the Milky Way of the immortals where every generation will respect him forever.

Sir Sinkandar Hayat KHAN, Prime Minister of Pencab

He was one of the greatest men the world has ever seen.

Star Of India, Delhi

Atatürk was the leader of the Turkish Nation as well as all other nations of the world fighting for independence. You have reached independence under his directives. We have reached independence walking in his path as well.

Ms. Sucheta KRIPALANI, President of the Indian Parliament Committee