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He was not a simple dictator aspiring to personal fame and fortune, he was a hero who tried to maintain a strong base for coming generations.

Prof. Walter L. WRIHT Jr.

On 10th November, all the world remembers the life and deeds of a human being, whom Germany is bound to in friendship, respect and appreciation. As a soldier, Atatürk Victoriously succeeded in an enormous and sometimes desperate battle and then he took the responsibility of the State. The declaration of the Turkish Republic on 29th October 1923 is the result of his genius in diplomacy. Some traditions and customs of the past that opposed the democratic development of the Turkish State needed to be altered and demolished. He had brave and corageous ideals and he began realising them with great creativity. Atatürk has created a strong, traditional and a sincere relationship with the Germans depending on trust.

(Chancellor of West Germany)

Atatürk has passed away leaving Turkey with no enemies. This is something no leader has been able to do.

German Völkischer Beobachter Newspaper

The life of the Great Deliverer Atatürk that Turkey respects without limit, can never be understood and appreciated any better than in Germany. Because Germany has tread the same path. The peace agreement forced on Turkey took take away the vital parts of territory. However, the national hero Atatürk managed to save his country and put through a nationalistic vision. He chose to fight for independence when he saw that it was not possible to save the country with interviews and Geneva methods. Only a will as strong as steel and immense power could have succded at that stage. His deeds at home inside are none the less appreciatable. Germany adores Atatürk’s example and struggle. Germany sees a great personality in him that should be a symbol for all countries that respect freedom.

Berlin, German News Agency

Those who desire to recreate peace in a world that suffers in pain and those who long to achieve wisdom as well as material development should be inspired by Atatürk’s directives and power.

Professor Herbert MELZIG, German Historian

Today, Kemal Atatürk may look at what he has created and regard himself as successful. Because Atatürk, apart from everything else, has brought a happiness to the Turkish Nation that it had never been experienced before.

Carel Sautman, German Journalist

Mr. Mustafa Kemal was a born leader that never feared responsibility. On the morning of 25th April, he decided to attack the enemy with his 19th Division. He took his men ashore and, incredibly, resisted the attacks for three months. I will always depend on his determination.

Liman Von SANDERS, German General

His historical greatness can be understood by looking at the new Turkey. This great statesman and leader of the people has given a spirit even to the villages far away in the Anatolian mountains with his determination as strong as steel and his vision.

German Magazine, Illustrierte

A great soldier, a genius statesman and a historical personality has been lost.

(Hitler’s message to İnönü)

If todays Turkey has gone further compared to any country of Europe after the World War, one should find the reasons in the personality of the genius President of the new Republic.

Hans Froembgen, German Author

Atatürk is not only the creator of a new Turkey, but also the teacher and the instructor of his nation. Atatürk will always have a special place among the war leaders of the world that change their nations with their strong personality. He has been the creator and the founder of a new Turkey. This is the man who established the new face of near East.

Germania, German Newspaper

The East faces a new page of history written by Kemal Atatürk. History tells us how the (Barbarian) Turks spread out from the plateau of the Altaic Mountains to the east and to the west to demolish nations and their cultures. In the Bible and in the Middle Age sources, Turks (Gogve Magog) have been described as extraordinary and horrible ghosts.

They were a fireball within the ice of a frozen civilization and the Turkish scent is still perceived in half the organs of the world. Nowadays, modern science finds the lost traces of old nations that lived on earth thousands of years ago. We find the Turkish race in the bright pages of history,creating a bridge between the east and the west by creating new states and forming new cultures. Many scientists in Europe refuse to recognize this fact.

However, Atatürk’s life, the awekening of the Turkish nation and their developing a new national spirit clearly shows us that the 20th century is not the first time that a state has been created by them. In the personality of Kemal Atatürk, a brave spirit rises to the light and this spirit shows the path to freedom and salvation to the nations that are captured by others in other parts of the world. His personality has virtually been legend from the shores of the Nile to the old China seas. Still, he is at the center of his nation. With the help of his eternal youth, huge determination and power, this man of wisdom and faith enables the world to watch a miracle of a man in sincerety towards his nation and to the world.

Herbert MELZIG

Although it was presumed to be a great defeat, The Turkish Nation has delivered a great struggle and gained its independence. The nations owes a bow of respect to him.

We Germans owe the Turks the example of tearing apart and casting away the decisions of the victors' diplomacy.

Wissen Und Wehr, German Military Magazine

Mustafa Kemal and his nation had no weapons and they were in a very desperate situation, however, they entered a struggle to open a new era in history and they showed all the world how spiritual power is stronger than any weapon on earth.

Professor Herbert MELZIG, German Historian

What makes Mustafa Kemal superior to other high officers is his scorn of death and being the greatest example to his soldiers in terms of bravery.

Professor Herbert MELZIG, German Historian

He is a man who won his nation’s right of freedom in battle while it was sentenced to captivity, he is a man who tore the death sentence for his nation and threw it to the faces of his enemies.

German Press

Atatürk is an eternal symbol for all nations who feel freedom within themselves.

German Press