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Atatürk is a good man with a good heart. The Turkish Nation sees itself in his personality.

One can easily see the characteristics of humanity in him.

Nouvelle Newspaper

If he has won the war and he is more to win, he will also make peace. Believe my words and let me tell you that he will succeed. He will do good and perfectly so, he will achieve a great success that no-one has ever achieved.

Claude FARRERE, French Author

Atatürk’s distinctive creativity appears when he proceeds his energetic work with delicacy even after the danger is far removed. He manages to give an irresistable attraction to every move he makes. It is impossible to explain this with logic. This is his personal talent.

Maurice Pernot, French Journalist

One of the most exceptional events of this era is the establishment of a national Turkish State while the Ottoman Empire disappears like a ghost. Mustafa Kemal has done something great. The victory of Turkish nationalism has effected Asia and Kemalism has influenced all countries fighting for freedom.

Maurice BAUMANT, French Professor

He was a great man ... He was a political genius.

Excelsior Newspaper

One day he told me that there are small nations depending on very strong countries. He said that the future belongs to those small nations rather than the strong countries. I kept his words in mind. Because, these words reflect the deep meaning of the success of Atatürk, who was known as the most dependable, alert and clever man of the near East before his death.

A French Journalist

At this moment, I share the deep sorrow of Turkey because of the loss of the great nationalist and great statesman who devoted all his life to the freedom of his country. His mission, both within blood and peace, will pass to all nations that are in sincere relation with the Turkish Nation. The French Nation feels sorrow for this loss that the Turkish Republic faces today.

Alber LEBRUN, French President

Kemal Atatürk is an idealist. The reason he has managed to do great things is, he has always kept principles and has managed to limit his passion.

Şarl De Şambron, French Diplomat

He was one of the greatest men of the era.

Le Jour-Echo de Paris

The Turks, known as the most loyal nation, will never forget that Atatürk was the deliverer of his country.

Noell Roger, French Newspaper

The great man that stood in front of me was some mysterious talent and character that I had explored, there was no doubt in his words.

Claude Farrer, French Author

Old Turkey had been under domain for centuries, yet, it awakened with his efforts and glamoured with his reforms.

Jean Laubespin, French Journalist

Turks of today have reached their position that had frightened Europe centuries ago. The Turkey that waits in silence with his death is a strong and ripened Turkey.

Pierre Dominique, French Journalist

The man beyond centuries!...

Paris, French Press

He had sharp looks that sparkled suddenly. His strong character and his speed of understanding shows itself in the movement of his hands. The bright tone of his voice shone like the steel.

Mustafa Kemal is really a young, neat man believing that was born to rule his nation.

Mme. B. G. Gualis, French Journalist

The masterpiece he has created in wisdom and peace will leave its trace in the histories of the peoples.

Albert LEBRUN, French President

He has won all the ranks of a country in which he has abolished every rank. The most honourable name that could ever be given to someone in his country was given to him.

Mercel Sauvage, French Journalist

Kemalism invented the fast path to development and has proved that even with one generation of disciplinary education, a great populist civilization can be developed.This can be proposed to mankind as an experimental example of philosophy. Kemalism has terminated things that could normally be achieved only in centuries.

Gerrard Tongas, French Author

Atatürk has died. The east column of the peace temple went down. No one can guarantee peace in the universe anymore. The European statesmen did not listen to his warnings and advice in 1930 and lead the world to disaster in the second great war in 1939.

SANERWIN, French Newspaper

He had closed his steel blue eyes to the beautiful light of nature, he was supernatural. Figaro, Paris Atatürk has managed to create the miracle to immortalize a nation in a couple of years.

Le Temps, Paris

The answer the French Prime Minister gave to those who said “He stabbed us from the back, he agreed with the bandits of the mountains, he agreed with those like Mustafa Kemal” after the Ankara Treaty:

“If that brave man Mustafa Kemal and his brave soldiers were here, instead of naming them the bandits of the mountains, we would put statues of them in every square. I am proud to sign such a brave agreement.” (1921)

BRIAND, French Prime Minister

We have seen the blessings and success of the democracy spirit only with Atatürk. France

He was a revolutionary and a rebel at first, then he became “the father of the Turks” as a victorious commander and created the New Turkey. He cast out the Sultans, gave freedom to women and realised a radical reform in his country.

From Paris-Soir

Just a glance from the Father of the Turks will be enough to his loyal nation.

Noelle Roger, French Newspaper

It can clearly be said that the world of Islam was to wait for at least another fifty years.

Berthe Georges-Gaulis

Thousands of Arabs that gathered in Jerusalem are shouting “Long Live Mustafa Kemal Pasha” to the heavens bravely although there are machine guns located at minarets and towers and there are English soldiers in armed vehicles surrounding them.

Pierre Benoit

Mustafa Kemal walked a few steps. The commander of the 19th Division stayed put for about a minute between the two armies. Then, slowly he began raising his right arm and walked towards the enemy front.

The Turkish Infantry leaped out of their positions shouting “Allah, Allah”. They managed to defeat two English Battalions. North Lancashire Battalion was in a shock and was forced to retreat. Wiltshire Battalion died under bayonets. The Turks came down the slope in an irresistable attack. They threw the enemy, including the New Zeland soldiers, to the sea.

Benoist-Mechin, French Statesman

Young Turkey has accompanied Europe with her interest in and attention to science.

There is not one thing missing to force us to salute him in the name of civilization.

Edouard HERRIO, Former French Prime Minister

You can not appreciate him enough. You can not value his greatness. He resembles a giant mountain. Those living next to it can not realise how great it is. One has to look at it from a far distance inorder to understand its greatness.

Klod FARER, French Author

This revolution belongs to Mustafa Kemal, an extraordinary distinctive man. I have lived around him for five years and had the chance to gain his friendship. I used to notice that Atatürk was sometimes happy, talkative, anxious and always far from desires and assumptions... When I got in, he was on foot. He wore a nice suit. I talked. When he realised that I had memorized the things I was saying, he left the paper he was holding and answered me in Turkish instantly. His personality was attractive, like magic. He used to gaze far away and the moment they were locked on you, his eyes would calm down. He was blond, his hair framed a determined forehead. He had a strong, muscular body that resisted the heat of the deserts and the glaciers of the high mountains. He had broad shoulders that could carry all sorts of responsibilities. He was born to accept victory.

Ch. De CHAMBRUN, Former French Ambassador to Ankara

I would like to express the feelings of loyal friendship of the French Nation to the Turkish Nation on the 25th Anniversary of the death of Great Atatürk. Today, Turkish history is linked to the Western and European history. The efforts of Atatürk have made this possible. The friendship of our countries for centuries is one of the basic characteristics of this improvement.

Charles De GAULLE

Whenever we read about the life of an important diplomat or a great commander in history, we take pleasure of imagining his face, words or his impressions and we say, “How I wish I knew him”.

There is no doubt that our children will think alike when they learn about the exciting life of the great soldier and revolutionist Kemal Atatürk who directed the future of today's Turkey. He had stayed in dungeons for weeks because he was a reformist. He won the freedom of his country while he was the commander. He decided for the Republic and constructed its establishments while he was the State President. His life is exciting for sure. ... However, I would like to remind an important issue concerning Kemal Atatürk’s personality. He was telling us about the war. All of a sudden he stopped and said:

- As you see I have lots of victories. Still, I feel the pain and sorrow for the soldiers who died on the battlefield every night. Because of the heart he has, apart from his courage and sharp mind, the miracle he has created for his country is never surprising.

George BENNES, Paris Vu Newspaper, 1938

High personalities of the era had announced in their books and at conferences that Turkey would never have the chance to transform and that it would die. However, it transformed and didn’t die. And it changed completely. Beliefs, traditions and styles went down. The last traces of them were thrown out of the country just like the enemy battleships and their capitulations. Turkey had changed her spirit. Completely and as far as one can imagine...

How did this happen?

Simply, a man passed by. A man of middle height, walking ordinarily, yet, with sharp eyes with sharp looks.

His name was Mustafa Kemal.

Raymond CARTIER, Le Nouvelliste Newspaper, Paris, 1938