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The most distinctive figure of post War Europe is lost. The great soldier, brave reformist and exceptional statesman that proudly bore the name “Atatürk”(Father of the Turks) is no longer with us. The history of new Turkey cannot be remembered without mentioning his name in the last 15 years. He has managed to appear on the political scene and produce trust in a national future in the most dangerous phase of the Ottoman Empire. The State had to go on, however The Turkish Nation was defeated and was in a desperate situation. His mission was not easy. After a long and difficult time of war, two thirds of his country was invaded by enemies and he was forced to fight on two fronts; With the enemy and the Sultan...

Atatürk has been a good example and lead the way to bring forth many energetic and loyal statesmen, soldiers, leaders and scientists.

We hope the Turkish Nation will bear this great loss and we hope her loyal friends will cope with the difficulties expected to rise after the loss of such a great statesman.

Bulgarian Ambassador to Ankara

No country in the world has achieved developments thise nrgetically, this fast and this radically as Atatürk’s new Turkey.

Bulgarian Dness Newspaper

No country in the world has witnessed such a development this fast and this efficiently achieved as by Atatürk of new Turkey. He is known everywhere as a great soldier, an exceptional reformist and the deliverer of his country. Such personalities can only be seen once in a century. The history of today's Turkey is the history of this exceptional man.

Dness Newspaper

The great name of Atatürk will remain on the rocks of Ankara as an unforgetable memory of the past. On this piece of land next to us, lived a great and very powerful man. To rid the land of the enemy invasion like a thunderstorm, to abolish peace treaties with a sword flick, to demolish the Caliph’s throne and efficiency of hundreds of years like a fist, to reorganize the country, to awaken the national ambitions of the desperate people, to create a modern and civilized state... These are the miracles that have been realised by Kemal Atatürk right in front of our eyes.

Like Gladston, we have the right to say:

“The world is not as interesting as it used to be, after the death of this exceptional man.”

This is Atatürk; the ancestor of his nation. A man of sword, ideas, heart and determination. The great son of this nation is also the greatest commerade of the 20th Century.


Mustafa Kemal has been the one to take away the knife from the merciless surgeons while they were cutting the Ottoman Empire into pieces. He has activated national energy and has given life to national will. He abandoned the government center that was out of control and that had no power to resist and passed to Anatolia where he began a search for the vital forces of his nation and the weaponry that he was later to use in Sakarya. Yet, the victory of the weapon was not enough. He wanted to save Turkey. He wanted to see his country developed and prosrerous. He wanted to evaluate the cultural standing of his country. He was the symbol of bravery and humanity for his nation. He started a reformist action that was as remarkable as his values. The National War of Social Reforms... The most successful and great reform was this one that had been going on for 15 years.


We are going to bow in front of the great man, the high commander, exceptional reformist and statesman, that I know as your Great Chief. The death of Atatürk has aroused great sorrow in Bulgaria, as in many other parts of the world. There is no doubt that the world has lost an individual whose place cannot be filled easily.