Sports And Health


Sports And Health

To be successful, the true nature and value of sports has to be understood by the whole nation. They must display sympathy and consider it as a patriotic service rather than providing all kinds of support. 1926 (Atatürk’s B.N., P. 106)

All kinds of sports activities must be considered as the main elements of the national education of the Turkish youth. 1937 (Atatürk’s K.A.N., P.32)

A community can not change its color and strength only with sports. All the initiatives and measures aimed at providing many healthful, social, civilized needs and conditions controlling that field must be applied. 1926 (Atatürk’s B.N., P. 106)

The Turkish nation is by nature a sportsman. You even see village boys wrestling at the threshing field who just start walking. It is not only the Turkish men who best and most adeptly ride a horse; Turkish women can ride as well.

The sport I like most is free wrestling. Whichever Turkish soldier, villager you want, undress and put him on the arena. With straight up shoulders, well, perfectly developed muscles, sharp face lines, sun-tanned complexion and head physique, they refresh as a masterpiece giving confidence and joy to the human spirit. (Ferit Celal Güven, Yücel Magazine, Volume: X, Issue: 57, 1939, P. 130)

The letter he wrote to the wrestler, Kurtdereli Mehmet:

The wrestler Kurtdereli Mehmet,

I recognized you as a Turkish wrestler who became famous in the world. I also learned that you explain the secret of your bright successes with this remark:

“During every fight I think that Turkish nation is standing behind me and consider my nation’s honor.”

I like what you said at least as much as what you have done. For this reason, I note your valuable remark as a professional principal for Turkish sportsmen. By this you will understand how I appreciate your presence and remarks. 1931 (History IV, Republic of Türkiye, T.T.T.C., P.268)

Sports is not only considered as a superiority of physical capability. Perception, intelligence and morality assist it as well. The strong with less intelligence and comprehension can not cope with the less strong but with sufficient intelligence and comprehension. I like the sportsman who is intelligent, agile as well as morally upright. (Ferit Celal Güven, Yücel Magazine, Volume: X, Issue: 57, 1939, P. 130)

The ones who are in charge of organizing the sports activities in the Turkish social structure do not act to win in a competion just to show off while considering to improve the sports life of Turkish children. The basis is, to provide physical education for Turks of all age groups. Our ancestors did not make the statement “a healthy mind is found on a healthy body” for nothing. 1937 (Afet İnan, About Atatürk H.B., P. 86)

Here is our aim in health and social matters: protection and strengthening of the health of our nation, reducing deaths, increasing the population, neutralizing the contagious and epidemic diseases, in this way, raising the individuals of the nation to a healthy condition, energetic, vigorous and capable of working... 1922 (Atatürk’s S.D.I, P. 217)