Science and Technology


Science and Technology

Considering the world as a whole, be it civilization, life or success, science is the only real leader. Looking for a leader other than science is somnolence, ignorance and straying from the true path. But it is necessary to understand the developments and progress of science at all its levels and to follow up on its developments in time. After thousands of years, today pursuing completely the rules, ordered by the science one thousand, two thousands, thousands of years ago, naturally does not mean we are in the realm of science. 1924 (5-197)

We cannot only close our eyes and think we are the only human beings. We cannot isolate our country from the outer world....To the contrary, as a civilized nation that has achieved progress, we must live above a certain level of civilization. This life is only possible thanks to science. Wherever science will be, we will live there and this shall be embedded in the minds of the individuals of our nation. There are no restrictions and conditions for science.

The progress of nations which insist on protecting some traditions or beliefs that are not based on any logical proofs, will be difficult; perhaps it will never occur. Those nations which cannot overcome the restrictions and conditions of their traditions, will not perceive of life as a logic and real occurrence. They are condemned to live under the sovereignty and yoke of those nations who perceive of life philosophy from a wider perspective. 1922 (5-44)

To be successful, it is necessary to ensure a natural harmony between the mentality and goals of the intelligentsia and the people. In other words, the ideals to be suggested to the people by the intelligentsia should reflect the spirit and conscience of the people. 1923 (5-141)

To approach the people and integrate with them is a duty, which is mostly directed to the intelligentsia. At first, our young people and the intelligentsia should decide in their own minds why they are marching in this path and what they are going to do. Then they have to bring these ideas into an easily acceptable state. Only after this they should offer their ideas to the public. 1923 (5-141:142)

Fanaticism is based on ignorance. Therefore, he who has fanatic inclinations is ignorant. Science overcomes ignorance without doubt; thus it is necessary to enlighten the people. 1923 (37-73)

This nation and this country are in need of science and progress; besides protecting and promoting those who have been educated and gained a diploma, another quite natural issue is that we are obliged to send our children to Europe, America and all over the world so that they can be educated and trained and become acquainted with science and we will send them. Wherever there is science and specialization, wherever there is art we are obliged to keep up and study. For this reason patronage is no more valid. What is valid is necessity. 1923 (37-123)

I never give orders for tasks in the field of science, especially social science. I would like scientists to enlighten me in these fields. Thus, if you have confidence in your knowledge of science, culture, do tell me about it and show me the constructive sides of social sciences and I will pursue them. (28-316)

As a spiritual heritage, I will not leave any verses of the Qu'ran, any dogma or frozen and formed rules behind me. My spiritual heritage is science and the mind. Generations after me will confirm that perhaps we could not reach the goals completely because of serious and deep-rooted difficulties, but they will also confirm that we never gave way to compromises and that we have been guided by the mind and science. (129-13)