Politics and Peace


Politics and Peace

In order to provide a happy and secured life for our nation, the state has to follow an absolutely national policy and this policy has to be absolutely suitable and based on our internal organization. When I say national policy, this is what I mean: working for the real happiness and development of the nation and the country, protecting our existence before all else, relying our own power within our national borders... In general, not to cause a lot of tiring effort and harm for the nation by persuing unreachable, imaginary ideals... Expecting civilized and humane behavior and mutual friendship from the civilized world. 1920 (Oration II, P. 436)

Foreign politics is closely related with the internal organization of a community. Because, foreign politics which are not based on internal organization are always destined to an unhappy fate. A community’s foreign politics is proportionally powerful and lasting as long as it has a strong and healthy internal organization. (1923 Atatürk’s S.D. II, P.162)

Foreign politics has to be based on internal politics, in other words it should not have the extensiveness which is not tolerable by the internal organization. Otherwise, those who persue fantastic foreign policies automatically lose their beariıngs. 1923 (Atatürk’s S.D. II, P.101)

A policy directed towards peace aiming at Türkiye’s security and not being against any nation at all will always be our principle. 1931 (Atatürk’s S.D. I, P.356)

The aim of ‘peace at home, peace in world’ which is one of the most essential principles of the Republic of Türkiye is probably the most essential factor in prosperity and advancement of humanity and civilization. To serve and continue serving, to reach this aim as much as we can is a conduct to be proud of. 1933 (Atatürk’s T.T.B. IV, P. 560)

We strive for peace at home, peace in world. 1931 (Atatürk’s T.T.B.IV, P. 551)

From wherever a call is came on the path of peace, Türkiye responded from her heart and did not withhold assistance. 1937 (Atatürk’s S.D.  I, P. 388)

We are the most fiery supporter of a clear and sincere policy which aims at mutual security and respect in international relations. Our sensitivity is, in response to the preparations and efforts on this, whether or not these can form an actual and true confidence for us as well. 1926 (Atatürk’s S.D.  I, P.336)

Our policy, which is honest and clear in foreign affairs, is especially based on the idea of peace. Searching for a solution for any international problem of ours complies with our interest and understanding. That is why we consider the security principle and its instruments important in order not to face with a proposal other than this manner. 1929 (Atatürk’s S.D.  I, P. 347)

Peace is the best way to carry the nations to prosperity and happiness. But once this concept is gained, it requires a continous attention and care as well as individual preparations of every nation. 1938 (Atatürk’s S.D. I, P. 396)

In our opinion, the first and the most important condition for the improvement of international political security is, nations sincerely agreeing at least on the idea of preserving peace. 1932 (Atatürk’s S.D.  I, P. 357)

I also believe in this; if continuous peace is wanted, then international actions must be taken to improve the conditions of the masses. Prosperity of entire humanity must substitute hunger and pressure. Citizens of the world must be educated to avoid having contact with jealousy, greed and ill will. 1935 (Aynı Tarihi, Issue:19, 1935)

Military action starts at the point where political activity is hopeless. Recovery of hope, giving the impression of being trustworthy, may ensure reaching targets faster than the armies can. 1922 (Atatürk’s S.D. III, P. 40-41)

These remarks were made to French Ambassador during a conversation:

I am not after enlarging our territory; I don’t have the habit of ruining the peace; however, I am the requester of solemn agreement based on justice. I can not avoid doing so. I promised my nation from the desk of the Grand Assembly: I will take Hatay... My nation believes in what I say. If I don’t keep my promise, I can’ come before my nation, I can’t stay where I stand. I have not been defeated up to now, I can’t; if I do, I can’t live a single minute. Knowing this and considering that I will undoubtedly keep my promise, please let my friendship be known and confirmed , Your Excellency Ambassador... (1937)