National Sovereignty (National Government)


National Sovereignty (National Government)

Sovereignty can never accept partnership in terms of any form, meaning party color or emblem. 1922 (The Speech II, page 700)

The formation and protection of sustainable freedom, equality and justice in society depends totally on the exact sense of establishment of national sovereignty. Therefore, the basis of freedom, equality and justice is national sovereignty. Freedom in our society and in our state is limitless. Its borders are present and defined by the protection of the principle that makes it limitless.

An individual may willingly want to dispose of his freedom, but if this attempt will harm the life and freedom of a nation, if the life of a nation full of greatness and honor will fade because of this and if the children and grandchildren of that nation will disappear because of this, such attempts can never be reasonable and acceptable. Furthermore, such an action can never be tolerated in the name of freedom.

There is no doubt that we will protect and defend our national sovereignty in our most jealous and alert mood and with all our might for the sake of the eternal life of our state, the strengthening of our country, the comfort and happiness of our nation as well as for the sake of our lives, pride, honor and future as well as all our sacred concepts and finally all we possess. 1923 (Atatürk’ s S.D.I, page 298)

National will and national determination do not only consist of the ideas of an individual but is a combination of the will of all the individuals of the nation. 1923 (Atatürk ’s S.D.I, page 95)

Sovereignty belongs to the nation unconditionally.1923 (Atatürk’s S.D.II, page 58)

Power is undivided and belongs to the nation. 1937 (Atatürk’s K.A.N, page 41)

National sovereignty is such a light that chains melt, crowns and thrones burn and disappear against it. Institutions established on the slavery of nations are bound to be demolished everywhere. 1929 (Atatürk’s B.N., page 82-83)

A nation cannot avoid being the toy of others unless it becomes involved with its present and its rights with all its intellectual and material power. Our national life, our history and our recent administrative style are excellent proof of this. This is why the national power and the national determination has been accepted as dominant in administration. Today, all the nations of the world recognize only one sovereignty: The National Sovereignty. 1920 (The Speech III, page 1185)

The great ideologies of important nations in the world that have achieved sovereignty to avoid slavery have always been fierce enemies of those who depend on outdated institutions and those seeking solutions in rotten administrations. 1923 (Atatürk’s S.D.I, page 309)

Friends! There is no-one expecting a crown and there is no dictator in the Turkish state and among the people of Türkiye that have established the Turkish state. There is no one after the crown and there will never be. Because it is not possible.

All the world should clearly know that there is no power or authority over this state and nation. There is only one power. That is national sovereignty. There is only one authority. That is the presence, conscience and the heart of the nation. 1923 (Atatürk’s S.D.I, page 300)

The nation that knows and appreciates the value of direct sovereignty will crush any possible threat against this sacred sovereignty. 1923 (Atatürk’s S.D.II, page 135)

To die for national sovereignty is a matter of conscience and honor for me. 1923 (Atatürk’s S.D.II, page 76)

Those involved in the destiny of a nation should never forget the fact that they are to use the power and dignity of that nation only to obtain the real and sustainable benefits of the nation itself. These men should always remember that it is not enough to invade and restrain a country to be dominant over the owners of that country. It is not possible to be dominant over a nation unless the spirit of that nation is bound and its determination and will are broken. No force can resist the national spirit nurtured throughout centuries.

There is no tyranny left on earth that is capable of keeping a nation under control if that nation resists subjugation. 1924 (Atatürk’s B.N. page 81)

The Great National Assembly is the summary and the symbol of the Turkish Nation's understanding of self rule and the its search that took centuries.

The Turkish nation has been able to disperse the darkness and look at the future with hope after it has handed its destiny over to the capable and patriotic hands of the Great National Assembly.

The core of the new Turkish government is national sovereignty. It is the unconditional sovereignty of the nation. (1923)

In all phases of struggle in my military and political life, my motive has always been to achieve the goals of the nation and the country depending on national consciousness. (1920)