Turkish nationalism is to maintain clarity and realism on the way of improvement and development, to walk together with all contemporary nations, to protect the freedoms of the delegations of the Turkish Assembly. 1930 ( Afet İnan, T. T. K. Belleten, Cilt: XXXII. No: 128, 1968, p. g. 557 )

The realities that affected Turkish nation’s liberation are: a) Unity in political existence. B) Language unity. C) Territorial integration D) Race and origin unity. E) Common history. F) Common moral values.

The Turkish nation has all these conditions and there are few nations that have all of these conditions. We can give a more general definition that for giving the name of nation to a society, these conditions have to exist at the same time and all together. All nations in the world did not emerge under the same conditions. So it is difficult to define the concept of nationalism under the same conditions for each nation. 1930 ( Afet İnan, M. B. and M. K. Atatürk’s Writings, p. g. 371 – 372 )

Idealism is to struggle to develop our country in intellectual and economical spheres. But we do not find it suitable to our principles to realise all these developments outside of our borders. 1929 ( Atatürk’s S. D. I, 346 )

We are directly nationalist and Turkish nationalist. The basis of our republic is Turkish society. If the participants of our society are full of Turkish culture, the republic based on that society will be strength as now. ( Elementary Education Publication, Skin: 4, Number: 61, 1940 )

One of the obvious qualities of nationality is language. He must first speak the Turkish language who says that he belongs to Turkish nationality. If the one does not speak the Turkish language it is not true to believe that person who claims his devotion to Turkish society and culture. ( Taha Toros, Atatürk’s Voyages to Adana, p. g. 39 )

Turkish nation enjoys to think of national emotion with human feelings but not with religious feelings. She is proud of protecting the place of human feelings in her conscience beside national feeling. Because the Turkish nation knows that today it is necessary to walk independently and together with civilised nations in mutual human and civilised relations. And Turkish nation, like every civilised nation, respects the memories of those who served humanity with their discoveries and inventions. 1930 ( Afet İnan, M. B. ve M. K. Atatürk’s Writings, p. g. 369 – 370 )

The Turkish people's breasts are full of patriotism which will increase like a wall made of iron against the enemy's ambitions. 1921 ( Atatürk’s T. T. B. IV, S. 441 )

A nation worthy of liberty knows to work for her country with desire and determination whenever it is necessary. 1927 ( Atatürk’s T. T. B. IV, p. g. 536 )

Country’s territory! It’s worth the sacrifice everything to you. You are the blessed. We are all warriors for you. But you will always live to keep alive the Turkish nation forever. Turkish territory! You are not grave of the Turkish nation who loves you. Show your creativity for the Turkish Nation. 1930 ( Afet İnan, About Atatürk H. B., p. g. 295 )

If the memory of duties carried out for the nation by the nation is not seen above all memories, it will not be possible to understand the worth of the concept of national history. 1931 ( Atatürk’s S. D. 1, p. g. 353 )

To elevate national history as our highest part as we elevate it until today is our one of the greatest desires. 1931 ( Atatürk’s T. T. B. IV, p. g. 551 )

How happy he who calls himself as a Turk! ( 1933 )

The results we wrest from the territory where we live, the Turkish Nation that we emerged from and the history of nations that recorded various adventures and disasters are drawing our way.

They call us nationalists. But we are such nationalists that we respect and comply with all the nations who co-operated with us. We wholly introduce their right to self- determination. Our nationalism is by no means a conceited nationalism. ( 1920 )

There is no way to dominate on a nation except capturing her soul or blocking her consciousness and ambition. Never can any force resist the national soul, strength and continuity of national will created by centuries. ( 1. 9. 1924 )

The most important thing is to teach our children and youths to maintain Turkish liberty and their own will and struggle with the enemies who attack our national traditions. (1922)

The Nation has to conceive of a common link between her people to maintain her existence. This link has altered shapes and important things since coming from the ages. In other words the concept of nation gathered people with Turkish nation links instead of religious links. ( November 1925 )

Similar to a person also a nation has to prove her capability and strength with her actual work, otherwise it is useless to hope for esteem and importance. Nobody pays complement to him who is deprived of capability and strength. ( The Speech (Address) )

The man who give importance only to himself and does not equates nation and country with his existence can not serve his nation's happiness. Only those who can consider the others who will come after them provide happiness to their nation. It is a big fault to suppose that developments will stop when they have gone. ( 17th March 1937 )

Our national principle is to improve the national unity ideal by supporting it with every means and measure. ( October 1933 )

It is necessary to overcome pride after achievements and oppose to hopelessness in disasters. ( 1930 )

Turk... take pride, work, trust.

Historical events show that the nation is the sovereign in the relation between people and nation. Although there were many movements to suppress nationalism, they could not succeed and national feeling insistently existed. History will never deny a nation’s blood, right and precedence. ( July 1919 )

( Turkish ) History thesis has developed. It is necessary to walk and study continuously on this thesis. There can be some unbelievers. These resemble enemies, do not pay attention to them. ( 1938 )

The Turk’s son will introduce his ancestors and take the courage from them.

Our nation should also be strengthened with possibilities originating from strength character, a powerful system, nationalism, economic achievements. ( 1924 )

Social peace and calm of the nation is national virtue that expects from people to be wealthy in the future, happiness, healthiness, progress and rise in civilization, even if it is necessary to die for the nation. National moral necessities to a perfect nation are implemented by the people belonging to that nation without hesitation and with conscience of desire. The greatest national excitement is this. ( Afet İnan About Atatürk H. B. p. g. 302 )

Our national morality must be raised with free ideas and on a civilized basis. This is very important. I want to attract your attention. The moral basis under threat is not acceptable. 1924 ( M. E. İ. S. D. I, S. 19 )

Since the Turkish War of Independence the Turkish nation undertook to help and take interest in the other nations sentenced to struggle for liberty and independence. Certainly it will not be suitable to be indifferent to the people’s liberty and independence who has the same origin as she. But nationalist struggle must not be considered and defended like an unconscious and unmeasured cause. The nationalist movement is a conscious principle issue before being a political struggle issue. Conscious principle means an aim that is based on science. Meanwhile also propaganda must be based on convincing principles originated from science. Turks who are living outside of the Turkish borders must be interested in cultural issues. Likewise we think of Turkish nations on a cultural path as this. We consider important Turkish history, wealthy dialects, former Turkish feats. We do not even neglect Turks languages and cultures beyond the Baykal. ( Abdülkadir İnan, Türk Kültürü Dergisi ( Review of Turkish Culture ) , Number: 13, 1963, p. g. 115 )