The most important factor concerning directly the vitality, enhancement or poverty of a nation is the economical situation of the nation. (1930)

We are absolutely in compelled to ascribe the first and foremost importance to the economy to enhance our new Türkiye properly. Our age is entirely an economic epoch, nothing else. (February 1923)

If the political and military victories are not supported by the economical victories, they cannot be permanent and evaporate within a short time.

The real master of Türkiye is the actual producer, the villager. Therefore, the villager deserved more prosperity, welfare and happiness than the others. Therefore the Economical Policy of the Turkish Grand National Assembly addresses this main purpose. (1 March 1922)

Beside the personal endeavors and activities as the essential, one of our principals is to render the state active in the enterprises that are to the general benefit of the nation, especially in the economic field, in order to achieve a prosperous and well-cultivated country.

History has found and listed many military and social causes when seeking the reasons for the enhancement and degradation of nations. Doubtlessly, all these reasons have an effect on social developments. But the economy of the nation is directly concerned and related with the enhancement and degradation of the nation. This reality, which has been clearly proven by history and experience has clearly made itself felt in our national life and national history. As a matter of fact, if Turkish history were investigated it could be clearly understood that the reasons of all enhancement and degradation are the matter of economy and nothing else. (1923)

All the successes, victories, defeats, and disasters comprising our history were all concerned and related with the economic conditions of their times. We are obliged to definitely ascribe top priority to our economy to exalt our new Türkiye, because our age is an economy epoch, nothing else.

The economic development is the fundamental part of the ideal of a Türkiye that is free, independent, more powerful and prosperous. (1937)

The strong character and desire, the fiery nationalism of our nation and the abundance of new economic successes will encompass the Turkish Nation. Friends, the garments my people are now wearing are neither national nor international. Therefore friends, is there a nation without clothes? Friends do you agree to describe our nation such as? Is there any sense in showing the world a valuable jewel covered with mud? It is necessary and natural to get rid of the mud to show the jewel. If there is a need for a cover to protect the jewel will it not be necessary to make it of gold or platinum? Is indecision correct before this clear reality? If anybody is to make us indecisive, shall we still hesitate to decide they are idiots and thickheaded?

Friends, there is no need to investigate and revive the old Turkish clothes. The civilized and the international clothes are suitable for us and for our nation. We shall wear them. We shall wear shoes, boots to our feet, trousers on our legs, and waistcoats, shirts, tie, collar, jacket and headgear to complete. I want to say clearly that this headgear is called a hat. Like redingote, bonjour tuxedo, this is our hat!

There are some who say that this is not convenient. Let me tell them that they are very unaware, very ignorant and I want to ask them:

Why is convenient to wear the Greek headgear of fez and why is not convenient to wear a hat? And again I want to remind them and also our nation when and why and what for did they wear the special robes (with full sleeves and long skirts) of the Greek vicars and Jewish rabbis? (1925)

During my visits, I saw that the women friends covered their faces and eyes intensively and carefully, especially in the cities and towns but not in the villages. Male friends, that is because of our egoism. It is necessary to be chaste and careful. But respected Sirs, our women are human beings who are able to think and comprehend like us. If we inspire them with the holy concepts and extipulate our national and moral values, there will be no need to be selfish. Let them show their faces to the world. And let them look at the world carefully. There is nothing to be afraid of. 1925(Atatürk’s G.S., Page 91)

I see the women in some places hide their faces by covering with the cloths like loincloths and turn their back to the men passing near by them or squat down when they see a man. What is the meaning of this? Sirs, does a mother or a daughter of a civilized nation behave wildly like this? This situation is a ridiculous appearance for our nation. This must be corrected promptly. 1925 (Atatürk’s G.S. Page 95)