A Scene Which Filled Atatürk's Eyes With Tears


The second journey to İstanbul was made more of necessity. There were rumours that Atatürk was paralysed. This false rumour was in starting to spread throughout the country. Even though the summer was nearly over. We went to İstanbul urgently and arrived at Dolmabahçe Palace in 1928.

The first night there were more guests than usual. Atatürk was still cheerful that night. We were playing continuously. He himself was singing most of the songs. He requested a song from us, then he stopped us at the chorus. He repeated to us the lyrics of the song and asked us to repeat the chorus once more. We sang.

We were sailing from the Rumelia shore. The yacht was sailing very close to shore than we arrived at Arnavutköy. A young man and a woman leaned against the guardrails of the quay and were watching at the beauties of the İstanbul Stait.

Woman screamed when she saw the yacht.

- Atatürk... Thank heavens. Our Ata is alive.

The two young lovers were screaming at the top of their voices.

- Live, Atatürk, may you long live. We hope the tongues of the gossipers be tied.

With respect to this sincere cheer Atatürk’s eyes filled with tears. He took his handkerchief out and started to wave. He was showing his obvious gladness.

- This is a really sincere cheer. I really wonder to get to know this young couple.

We passed through the Büyükdere, were sailing to Sarıyer, a little boat got near. Member of Parliament from Kastamonu, Necmettin Molla was in it. He greeted Atatürk standing up. The yacht stopped promptly. They took Necmettin Molla into the yacht. Molla requested Atatürk to honour his mansion. Atatürk told him that the time was late and promised for another time.

Three days later we went to Necmettin Molla’s well furnished big waterside mansion.

Necmettin Molla was offering to Atatürk as owner all the house had to afford. Atatürk was siting in the hall on the upper floor near to the balcony. We were sitting on the other side near the corner.