Atatürk's Dining Table


The working program of the presidency Fasıl music group showed its specialness while continuing the program of the journey to Istanbul. The orchestra was playing in the evenings at the upper floor of the Dolmabahçe Palace. After the entrance of Atatürk the orchestra left and Fasıl music group started to play. This continued till Atatürk left the dining table to rest. If he had been sailing with yacht, the Fasıl Music Group would have been with him.

The many persons who knew Atatürk were coming back to the palace shortly before morning, or had not slept until the late thought that he had been just enjoying himself.

But they did not know that Atatürk had been working in this cabin and talking about serious national subjects in the yacht even around the islands, without looking at the moon and the sea that he had liked very much.