Atatürk and Little Shepherd


Atatürk was going to Antalya. At the time Türkiye was taken on as a target in the incoherent orations of Mussolini, the Italian dictator.

A song had attracted Atatürk’s attention when they were having a break. A shepherd was singing the song. The shepherd was a teenager. Atatürk:

- Were you singing the song?

- Yes, I am.

- Your voice is beautiful.

- Your singing style is quite all right, here, sing again, lets listen.

He did not find this desire strange and he did not feign reluctance and started to sing.

The song was finished. Atatürk applauded him and shouted loudly.

- Biis... biis.

- The young shepherd did not understand anything. Atatürk explained:

- The meaning of the biis is, we liked it, please sing again.

Then shepherd repeated the song again. Atatürk took out 50 Turkish liras from his pocket and gave it to the shepherd. The shepherd looked at the money and gladly shouted.

- Biis, biis.

Atatürk was very glad because of his intelligence. Then he gave another 50 Turkish liras too. Then returned back to his friends and told them:

- I wish there would be a possibility Mussolini to watch that performance and hear the reply of shepherd. Then he could be able to understand to whom he directed his speeches.