Atatürk Wants to Listen to the March


- How are you Doctor? Have you got anything new? He asked.

- Yes sir. I composed a march for you. If you wouldn’t mind I would present the lyrics.

- Read it then. He said.

I red the first couplet. Then I came to the third line of the second couplet. As soon as I said:

- The glorious crescent raised with your hand of heavenly light ... He stopped me.

- No. He said. What does hand of heavenly light mean?

I considered that if my march wasn't liked, Vasıf Rıza would not permit it. Unlucky me.

He nodded his holy head and I read the words of the march from the beginning till the end with the whole power of my voice. Applauses of the visitors were showed my success.

- If you order so, sir, the jazz band can play the composition, I said.

At my signal, they started to play as I had given them the scores before.

- This is the march sir. I said.

- Bravo. Well done.

He congratulated me. From now on this march became the legal march of Türkocağı.