In The Presence of Atatürk for the Second Time


We were in the presence of Atatürk once more in Çankaya Mansion in Mr. Mesut Cemil's company many years later.

The Hatay Issue was being argued at that time.

We were sitting at the end of the long table together with Kemal Niyazi Seyhun.

Atatürk was asking questions and receiving answers when Mr. Kemal Niyazi said something to my ear that I could not understand.

Atatürk probably saw that and after a while, pointing at him with his finger:

-What do you say sir?

Mr. Kemal Niyazi stood encouraged by the alcohol he had drunk and being used to be in his presence. He said something that I cannotnot remember because I was planing my answers in my mind in case he asked me questions. He probably said something in approval. Atatürk said:

- As you see sirs, every Turkish thinks so. Then he passed me without a question.

Sometime later he said towards me:

-Child would you play a “Bozlak” for us?

Great Atatürk reminded us of the “Uzunhava” and showed the power of his memory.