Mr.Mesut Cemil Narrates


I became acquainted with Atatürk at his first Istabul visit after the victory. I stayed with him and was to his command until his late days. As it has been understood it was not that easy to be with him and in the presence of such an unequalled person. Man always feels anxious to avoid error. In such cases also, I received his compliments. I always had occasion to kiss his hand. It is strange, sometimes I was there unwillingly, when I was called. I was a young man and I sometimes would have some intentions. I was a little be upset when I was called, but after entering the door a strange strong force encompassed me, the interesting light efusing from him filling the atmosphere.

Then I started to love him again. Unfortunately, I was not to able to understand the value of the memories and impressions, otherwise I should have taken notes ever since the day I met him. I would not have lost the details with time. Let me inform you on one of them.