Polyphony in Music


The main factor preventing polyphony in music is the argument between the Turkish music and west music that has been continuing for a long time. New efforts are needed to open a new epoch supported by a living music structure and national and social values. An art can not preserve its existence by denying and omitting its own culture. What is the way for harmonisations that would provide to spread the polyphone Turkish music? First of all the polyphone music movement must be encouraged in accordance with the specific rules and in a determined system.

The small operettas and musical activities, performing especially folkloric sujets can be the first solution. Music is an educational material, more, its character is delightful to the ear. Music must be improved in an environment providing the scientific and social benefits. The main principals of education are unity and solidarity. Basically, in Turkish music systems, the movements convenient to polyphone can be useful.

Does Turkish music need polyphony? As it is, it has a great importance in monophony. That can be thought to be connected with some conditions. The successful examples of Turkish music do not need polyphony with their richness in melodies and expressions. Therefore the classical works of our music have to be preserved in their own concept. The polyphony must try for the new compositions, which could be created by the convenient themes existing. The musicians who know firstly their own music, secondly West music can do that.

Degenerated movements must be avoided when determining the values of Turkish music.

The western music technique is unique for each society having reached a civilised level.

It is not too easy for societies used to monophony to accept polyphone activity. It was not accepted in the West suddenly. First they differentiatied the voices in chorus consisting of man, woman, child voices. Especially in churches these arrangements have been done step by step according to the developing needs (XV century). The famous musicians appeared in this new age which also is called polyphone age. Most of them made new compositions supported by their folk music sources.

In our country the priority has to be given to the band concerts that may be familiar to Turkish people. An art can not be continuoued by compulsion, especially not music.

The systematic methods to get Turkish ears used to polyphony exist the use of western techniques. Also the classical works bearing the national and social values must be saved. The folklore musical instrument can be used in polyphony. Many of the composors widely used their country’s folk music, and composed symphonies, operas and compositions for orchestra.

The technical rules of art can be taken from the West.

The most convenient action to establish polyphony is to use the “remains” of folk music.

It will not be so difficult to get Turkish ear used to polyphony by a normal education.

The Turkish folk music is fused with folk dances. This could be an advantage. But the choreography of the folk dances can be rearranged in contemporary settings.