The Concert Feast for the King of Jordan


At his first visit to Türkiye the Emir of Jordan Mr. Abdullah had been the guest of Atatürk. One day Muhiddin Üstündağ informed me the Emir was willing to listen to Turkish music and Atatürk ordered to have him listen to a selection of works of Turkish music and I have been appointed in this respect.

Me and my best friends Munir Nurettin Selçuk, Reşat Erer, Refik Fersan, Fahire Fersan, Vecihe Daryal, Cevdet Kozanoğlu and some other young friends went to the villa in Florya.

The Emir had finished his formal visits and said farewell to Atatürk. He would remain in Türkiye to have a rest and for some private visits before leaving to go back to Jordan. We started play the “Fasıl” (concert program all in the same makam) shortly before lunchtime.

The expression of the emir’s face changed and he dropped the fork and spoon from his hands at the first minute of the concert and stopped us. Then he said in fluent Turkish.

- Sirs, we can not eat while listening to such beautiful music.

As you may understand, it we were touched by the Emir’s noble gesture. The tears running down from cheeks to his beard are always in my mind.