The Only Music Concert that Atatürk Honoured


Atatürk showed on every occasion that ihs words spoken in anger actually had been misunderstood.

He did not abbolish the Presidency Fasıl Music group,to the contrary, he supported it. He had taken on the tambur player İzzetin Ökte whom he listened in Celal Bayar’s house to the Presidency Fasıl Music group. He took back Santuri Zühtü Bardakoğlu, who left the group for a period of time, to the Fasıl Music Group.

Thus he invited many of either amateur or professional musicians he his presence in Istanbul or Ankara and listened to them.

He frequently listened to Turkish music stars such as Minur Nurettin, Safiye Ayla, Müzeyyen Senar, Melek Erdik.

It is said that he arranged the first Turkish music concert he honoured by his esteemed presence.

This was the concert of Ankara radio singer Melek Erdik. Atatürk had not went out for a concert since becoming the President of the Republic. He invited and the singers domestic or foreigner to in his presence and honoured them thus. Although it was against this habit, he ordered a Melek Erdik’s concert himself, he arranged the concert. He shwed his kindness by sending bouquet of flowers as a gift by his aide-de-camp.

The people know who knew him well, knew his every action absolutely had a base in a reason. Refined senses had been perceived in most of them.

The real cause of his presence of Melek Erdik’s concert was to show the existence of real Turkish music, nothing more.

It is possible to add many of associations concerning our music to the chain of memories of Atatürk. However, as we have said before, these are the separated memories of the people who were by being accepted to his presence.

Unfortunately, that great man has left us without having seen the establishment of real Turkish music.