The Turkish Nation's Love of Atatürk


The people had been informed and filled the street even though it was dark night.

They were cheering the Atatürk.

Atarürk called the chief of the Turkish Fasıl Music Group and requested joyful songs.

Everybody was cheerful. It was almost midnight, but still nobody wanted to leave. This atmosphere created a sublime view.

Atatürk went out to the balcony. Raising his glass Necmettin offered all the drinks at his home to the people outside.

Atatürk was drinking with the people in deep mutual love. Then he silenced them with a signal. And said something likethe following.

- Some malevolent people have said about me that I am paralysed and ill. You see me alive and healthy. Please just know that I won't die unless I see full prosperity of my nation.

These words inspired us and filled our eyes with tears.

Towards morning, he got in to yacht with the cheers of the people. I looked at Atatürk’s sea blue eyes; he was waving his handkerchief to the people. There were two teardrops.