Atatürk's Last Will

I hereby bestow all my spiritual and material posessions, all real estate in Cankaya as well as all movables and valuables in my posession upon the Rebublican People's Party under following conditions:

1. My property shall, as is presently the case, accumulate interest at Iş Bank.

2. As long as their relations remain honorable and as long as they live, Makbule shall receive one thousand liras a month, Afet 800, Sabiha Gökçen 600, Ülkü 200 and Rukiye and Nebile 100 liras each from the interest, as in every year till now.

3. Also, enough money to buy accommodation shall be given to Sabiha Gökçen.

4. As long as she lives, Makbule may continue residence at the house in Çankaya in which she is presently living.

5. İsmet İnönü's children shall be supported in their needs in connection with the completion of their education.

6. Every year, half of the remaining interest shall be transferred to the Councils for the Turkish Language and for Turkish History

K. Atatürk