This Is All I Can Write / (Sami N. ÖZERDİM)

A world collapsed, a sun went out:
Let the gods weep, let men weep.
The world has entered a starless night:
Let friends weep, let strangers weep.

There had never been such a man:
He came and changed the course of the world,
He departed, my God, what a departure that was,
Let tongues that come to life with his name weep.

Without him, eyes cannot see this world:
Let not springs and autumns come in vain:
They can bring nothing like him:
They overturn the centuries, let the years weep.

Let all feelings turn to mourning:
Let desires all turn to weeping:
Let the waters flow as tears:
Let the mountains, barren without him, weep.
It is as if everywhere were empty and deserted:
As if all things have been left abandoned:
Can nature live without the light?
Let the roses, that will not open without him, weep.

All was filled with his abundant love,
It was as if he breathed life into objects.
As the greatest suffering is expressed,
Let the roads weep after him.

There is no joy left,
It is as if nature were crying in mourning.
Let everywhere turn to a blue eye,
Let the seas weep, let the lakes weep.

Let the moon have no light, let the stars fade:
Let the wind stop to sob and beat its breast.
Let the waters be still and think of mourning,
Let the rivers weep, let the floods weep.

Let Sakarya beat its head on the rocks:
Let the Gediz and Kızılırmak burn for him.
Will only those waters weep?
Let the Volga, the Danube and the Nile weep.

Let the skies and the sun, the mountains and the snow,
The seas with their foaming waves,
The green plains of my land,
The steppes and the deserts all weep.

Aged eyes are now like fountains,
The world is too small for aged hearts,
Like the clouds that cover the sun
Let the fabrics that cover your portrait weep.

Let not just the sky, not just the mountains and the sea,
The land that forms our country,
For this great loss is not ours alone,
Let all the world and all lands weep.