He Is Coming / (Celal Sahir EROZAN)

It is 1919,
May the nineteenth.
He raises his head from the reddening horizon,
He who gives soul to the land
And passion to the soul. The flame faced divine sun!
The prow of his boat tears the Black Sea:
You too must awake,
Awake, O people of Samsun!
The flame faced divine sun
Will dry the tears of despair in all eyes!
The smiling, rising sun over Çaltı cape.

It is 1919,
May the nineteenth.
Awake, O people of Samsun!
Sleep is death.
Hoist your souls,
There is a ship on the horizon!

But why does it approach so slowly?
Is it moving slowly? Has it a heavy load?
This ship is loaded with hope, belief and passion:
In it is the suffering bosom of the nation,
He who thinks of its tomorrows is coming.
 A leader like the stars in the sky! That is why the ship is approaching slowly.

It is 1919,
May the nineteenth,
The ship on the horizon is drawing closer.
It is as if a wild flame
Is scorching our souls.
All hearts are suffering from waiting.
Is it possible not to be saddened?
This ship is loaded with hope, belief and passion.

As that hope spread souls are warmed,
As the passion spreads the veins are filled with blood,
Every heart that secretly suffers will come alive,
Like a stirring volcano spitting forth fire!

Our eyes were darkened from standing
Under your ever-growing shadow.
Run, speed, o ship. Do not let
The sea hold you back!

Plough through the white waves and come!
Fly like the birds, blow like the wind, and come!

Celal Sahir EROZAN