Samsun - Atatürk Museum

The Atatürk museum, which was constructed as the 19th of May Gallery within the old fair ground, opened to visitors on 1 July 1968. The museum building which was constructed entirely with stones and coloured marbles, has a monumental and effective appearance. The steps and reliefs representing the War of Independence in front of the building gives it a motion. 114 works belonging to Atatürk are exhibited in the museum.

The works in the museum are exhibited in three sections. In the entry and exit section various books about Atatürk, the photographs taken during the arrival of Atatürk to Samsun are displayed in chronological order. A panel, made of locally produced tobacco leaves and presented to Atatürk as a gift by the Samsun people, is also exhibited in the museum. And in the glass showcases situated in the rear large rooms, various belongings of Atatürk that were brought in from the Ankara Anitkabir Museum, some wearing apparel such as hats, suits, gloves, etc. and weapons, canes, cutlery, etc. are displayed.

At the right side of the centre large room's exit, a special section is situated for the rest of state high officials during their visit and to put down their impressions of the museum in writing.