Rize - Atatürk Museum

Rize - Atatürk Museum arranged and opened to visitors on 1984 in the historical house belonging to Osman Mataraci. On September 1924 Atatürk went on a tour lasting a couple of months, known as Atatürk’s autumn tour, and during this tour visited the Black Sea provinces. On this tour Atatürk, together with his wife Latife Hanim and a couple of deputies from the assembly that accompanied him, arrived to Rize on 17th September 1924 from Trabzon on the steamboat Hamidiye and welcomed with enthusiastic demonstrations. After spending the night in the Mehmet Mataraci's house, the next day Atatürk made some visits in the city and at 16:30 hours departed for Giresun with the same steamboat.

The house where Atatürk stayed over night in Rize, later on was passed from the owner Mehmet Mataraci to his nephew Osman Mataraci. On the 100th anniversary of Atatürk’s death, Osman Mataraci donated his house to Rize Private Administration on the condition of it to be the Atatürk Museum. On 1984, the house was turned over to the Ministry of Culture, it was restored and arranged as Atatürk Museum and opened to the visitors. A part of the house is in use as the Culture Centre.

This triple-storey house, together with the roof, was built on 1902 by the Mataraci family. As of the present day arrangements, the first floor is the Atatürk Museum. The photographs of Atatürk in Rize, of his own, the articles used by him and the photographs of the important members of the Rize National Forces are exhibited in this floor. The ground floor accommodates the management offices and the Culture Centre.