Malatya - Atatürk House

The Malatya Atatürk House was opened on 1981 after the arrangement of the People's House.

Atatürk came to Malatya twice. The first occasion was after the completion of Malatya - Adana railroad at the beginning of 1931. Atatürk arrived to Malatya by train from Adana on 13th February 1931 and spent the night in the city. The second occasion was, again, after the completion of Sivas - Malatya railroad on 1937, Atatürk arrived from Sivas to Malatya, after some inspections departed to Diyarbakir the same day.

The two rooms in the ground floor of the old Turkish Nationalist Club building (later on the People's House) that Atatürk stayed over night during his first visit, was arranged as the Atatürk House in 1981. The first room on the right of the entrance furnished with the table and the armchair that Atatürk used during his visit of the People’s House and a coffee table was added to that room. And the room on the left of the entrance exhibits the Atatürk books.