Kocaeli -İzmit Museum and Atatürk House

The Izmit Museum and Atatürk House opened to visitors on 1966 at the historical Hunting Lodge.

Before the Great Victory, Atatürk, to inspect the Kocaeli Group, arrived to Geyve on 16th June 1922 via Beypazari, Nallihan, Göynük and spent the night in the house of the Mayor Rasim (Turhan). The next day, after talking with Geyve people, departed for Adapazari, where his mother Zübeyde Hanim was staying as a guest in the house of Major Baha Bey, the head of the local draft office. After spending the night with his mother, the next day, on the 18th of June 1922, Atatürk departed for Izmit to meet with the French author, and a friend of Türkiye, Claude Farrere.

Atatürk - Claude Farrere meeting in Izmit is an important event of our National Struggle history. Atatürk, after an enthusiastic welcome by the Izmit people, was put up in the famous Hunting Lodge, which the people calls it palace.

The Izmit Hunting Lodge was a two-storey little palace built for Sultan Abdül Aziz on 1874. It was built for Abdül Aziz to rest when he came to Izmit for hunting. The people of Izmit prepared this lodge for Atatürk when it was heard that he was coming to Izmit.

Atatürk stayed in the room at the left of the stairs, the top floor of the lodge. Claude Farrere was put up in the Hafiz Rüstü Mansion.
After the Great Victory, Atatürk, on 16th January 1923, came to Izmit once more. Some of the editorial writers of Istanbul newspapers requested to see Atatürk. After this request Atatürk decided to have a press meeting in Izmit. He directly came to the Lodge which was prepared for him. After the dinner he made the press meeting. The meeting lasted until three o’clock in the morning of 17th January 1923. After the meeting he retreated to his room and rested until noon. In the afternoon he received delegations. The next day he inspected the military troops in Yarimca and Hereke. On the 19th of January 1923 he departed from Izmit for Bilecik.

After this date Atatürk came to Izmit on many other occasions but never spent the night. He used to stay in Izmit for a couple of hours and then go to Istanbul. The hunting lodge in Izmit remained alone with the memories of Atatürk.

After founding the republic, the Izmit Hunting Lodge where Atatürk stayed as guest, was used as the Governor's Office. The lodge held other government offices beside the office of the governor. Considering the lodges architectural and artistic value, it was decided to change it to a museum. Atatürk’s bedroom in the top floor was rearranged and the first floor was reserved for archaeological works. The museum opened on 1966 to the visitors.