İçel -Silifke Atatürk House

Silifke is a town, where Atatürk established a farm, formed the first time an Agrarian Credit Cooperative together with farmers and visited four times in various dates.

The house that Atatürk was put up on 27 January 1925, at his first visitl to Silifke, is a two-storey brick building having an area of 329 square metres, situated in the Saray quarter of the town. The house belonging to the mayor of Silifke, Hadji Hulusi Effendi, later on was inherited by his heirs.

The subject house, due to having historical and architectural values, was nationalized on 1982 by the General Directorate of the Antiquities and Museums of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The repair works started on 1983 and completed on 1984. After the refurbishment and restoration works in between 1985 and 1986 by the General Directorate of the Antiquities and Museums, the building opened to public. The ground floor used as the town’s Public Library and the administration office and the first floor as Atatürk House (Museum House).

This floor, which has a cross shaped hall, have a bedroom, living room and a prayer room connected to it. Kitchen and a study room open to the hall as well. The museum is arranged as to reflect that period and the region's characteristics. The ethnographical items, from the Silifke region and from Silifke Museum's relevant department, are exhibited in this Museum House. The bedroom furniture and the dinner sets used by Atatürk at his visit on 28 January 1925, the small gun presented by Atatürk to his host Sadik Tasucu with the inscription “Gazi M. Kemal” on it, and the documents and photographs of the farm and the cooperative he had established, are displayed in the museum.