Balıkesir - Kuva-i Milliye (National Forces) Museum

The building, which was used as the Municipality Building until it became the Kuva-yi Milliye (National Forces) Museum, was built in 1840, for the Treasury Officer of the province subdivision of Karesi, Mehmet Pasha as a lodge. Later on, in late 1800’s vanished in a fire. The grandchild Halit Pasha built a new mansion in its place and during the Independence War it was utilized for important services.

After the occupation of Izmir On 15 May 1919, the people from Balikesir gathered on 16 May 1919, armed struggle decree taken and the flame of National Forces had risen in this building. It served to 2 Army Corps Command and to Ali Hikmet Pasha as Headquarters for many years. It became the work centre for the Izmir Northern Fronts Committee. On 6 February 1923, Atatürk, on his first visit to Balikesir, had stayed in a building within the same compound, which was opened as the “Literacy Home” in 1933 and, on 18 May 1998 was again opened to public service as “The Library of the History of National Struggle”.

Kuva-yi Milliye Museum

The municipality, taking action in the years 1985 and 1986, issued to board decrees, to open the building as a museum. The building had been used as headquarters during the National Struggle. Later on the use of this building was permanently given to the Directorate of the Ancient Remains and Monuments of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. A protocol was signed between the Balikesir Governors office and the Municipality on this issue.
Later on, after the establishment of the Directorate of the Museum, the restoration works were speeded up and the museum opened to public on 6 September 1996.

The Kuva-yi Milliye Museum, consist of two sections; in the ground floor that has an area of 120 square metres, the decisions in writing taken by 41 people who were the initiator of the establishment of Kuva-yi Milliye in Balikesir, the congress issues, the personal effects of these heroic people and their photographs, and Atatürk’s photographs taken during his visit to Balikesir are displayed. On the first floor which has the same area, the archeological and ethnographical works of the region are being exhibited.

Address: Anafartalar Avenue, Balikesir

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