Ankara - Atatürk Culture Centre Republican Period Museum

The museum opened to the public on 27 December 1987. The walls of the museum, which is located on the ground floor of the building, are decorated with relief depicting Independence War and Atatürk’s words about Republic, Independence, Youth and Arts. The relief are illuminated in separate sections and with the accompaniment of music and sound, “light and sound” shows are performed in the museum.

These shows are in Turkish, English, French and German and take approximately 15 minutes for each language. At the lower ground floor, Independence War, Republic and development of the new Turkish State and her Institutions are being introduced by about 445 items made up of pictures, objects, writings, models and slides. Also at this floor there is a multi visual show for the spectators presenting Turkish History, starting from Central Asia to Anatolia, the Independence War, founding of a new State and Atatürk’s reforms. This show takes 25 minutes.