Ankara - Alagöz Headquarters Museum

During the Battle of Sakarya, the enemy advanced into the vicinity of Polatli (70km. from Ankara), thereupon Western Front Command selected Alagöz Village, between Ankara and Polatli, to be the Headquarters location. A farmhouse belonging to Türkoglu Ali Aga from the same village was used as the Headquarters building.

After the Battle of Sakarya the building continued to be used as a farmhouse by its owners Ali Türkoglu and his sons until 1965. In 1965 this farmhouse was donated and handed over to the Ministry of Education by its inheritors. In 1967 the building was again transferred to Anitkabir Museum Directorate of Historic Sites and Monuments General Directorate, and after being restored became a museum.
On 10 November 1968, only the upper floor being restored, opened to public display and the ground floor rooms after further refurbishment opened to public in 1983.

The building has two floors and contains 12 rooms as Dressing Room, Library, Souvenirs Room, Officers Mess, Kitchen, Communications Room, Commander - in - Chief’s Room, Staff Room, Lounge Room, Adjutant’s room, Atatürk’s Bedroom, Atatürk’s Dining Room and Orderly’s Room.