14 January 1938

Saadabad Pact (Nonaggression Pact) that was signed between Türkiye, Iran, Irak and Afghanistan was approved by the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

22 January 1938

Atatürk went to Derince via Izmit.

24 January 1938

Izmir Telephone enterprise was purchased by the government.

1 February 1938

Gemlik synthetic silk factory was opened with a ceremony where Atatürk was present.

2 February 1938

Bursa Merino wool Factory was opened by Atatürk.

13 March 1938

One of the former commanders of the Independence War (full) General Cevat Cobanli died.

30 March 1938

The Secretary-General of the Presidency published the first official announcement of Atatürk's illness.

11 April 1938

Usküdar and Kadiköy Water Company was purchased.

19 May 1938

For the last time Atatürk watched the 19th of May Youth and Sports Holiday shows and, in spite of his illness, departed for a southern country tour in connection with Hatay Problem.

20-24 May 1938

Atatürk visited the Mersin Region in connection with the Hatay Problem.

21 May 1938

Atatürk watched the Military Parade in Mersin.

23 May 1938

Istanbul Electric Company was purchased.

24 May 1938

Atatürk watched the Military Parade in Adana.

1 June 1938

The Savarona Yatch, purchased by the State, arrived in Istanbul.

16 June 1938

Our woman aviator Sabiha Gökcen went for a Balkan air tour alone.

19 June 1938

The King of Romania, Carol the 2nd visited Atatürk in Istanbul.

20 June 1938

An amendment made to the law number 2739 that states "the national holidays and general rest days" and the day 19th of May was accepted as the "Youth and Sports Holiday" by the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

24 June 1938

The Turkish Grand National Assembly accepted the law concerning the establishment of the Land Products Office.

28 June 1938

The Turkish Grand National Assembly accepted the "Associations Law".

3-4 July 1938

Türkiye and France made an agreement to keep an equal amount of troops in Hatay. The troops entered Hatay on 4 July.

5 July 1938

All of the Turkish units arrived at their positions.

24 August 1938

The railway reached to Kemah.

29 August 1938

The Military Court convicted Nazim Hikmet Ran and others.

2 September 1938

Hatay National Assembly opened and Tayfur Sökmen was selected as the State President.

5 September 1938

Atatürk asked for his will to be written. (Opened on the 28 November 1938)

5 September 1938

Daily official announcements began to be published about the illness of Atatürk. On the 17 of October 1938 Atatürk went into a coma first time.

28 October 1938

Ankara radio went on the air.

29 October 1938

The Kuleli Military High School students, while passing in front of the Dolmabahce Palace by boat greeted Atatürk by singing the National Anthem.

29 October 1938

The message of Atatürk to the Turkish Armed Forces on account of the 15th anniversary of the Republic.

1 November 1938

The Premier Celal Bayar made the opening speech of the Turkish Grand National Assembly on behalf of Atatürk.

8 November 1938

The reports confirming the seriousnes of Atatürk's illness again began publishing.

10 November 1938

Atatürk closed his eyes to the materialistic life.