1 January 1937

The Western Railways (Sirkeci-Edirne) were purchased.

27 January 1937

Hatay's independence was accepted at the meeting of the League of the Nations in Geneve.

4 February 1937

The Economy Faculty was opened in the Istanbul University.

5 February 1937

The "Six Arrow" (six principles) went into the Constitution. (After talked over, with the law changing certain articles of the constitution, the six principles were added to the constitution. The amendment which was proposed by the Malatya deputy Ismet Inönü and six of his colleagues changed article two of the constitution as follows: "The State of Türkiye is Republican, Nationalist, Populist, State Socialist, Secular and Revolutionist.")

8 February 1937

The "Forest Law" was accepted in the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

13 February 1937

The house in Salonika, where Atatürk was born, was purchased by the Salonika Municipality and given to the order of Atatürk.

28 February 1937

The General Directorate of Meteorology was established.

3 April 1937

The Foundation laying ceremony of Karabük Iron and Steel factory was held in Karabük.

7 April 1937

Türkiye-Egypt Friendship, Residency and Citizenship pact was signed.

15 April 1937

With the Directorate of the Religious Affairs' circular, the provincial governorships were informed for abolishing the "Sala" the Friday noon call for prayer.

23 April 1937

The Atatürk monument was opened at the Reserve Officers School in Istanbul.

4 June 1937

"The Agricultural Bank of the Turkish Republic Law" was accepted in the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

9 June 1937

The law concerning the opening of a Medical Faculty in Ankara was accepted in the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

11 June 1937

Atatürk informs the government from Trabzon that he donated all his farms and real estates to the people.

14 June 1937

Hatay's Independence Treaty was approved by the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

15 June 1937

The Labour Law went into effect.

17 June 1937

The contract was signed for the purchase of Kadiköy Water Company.

1 July 1937

Fevzi Pasha-Meydaniekbez and Toprakkale-Iskenderun railways were purchased.

8 July 1937

Saadabad Pact (Nonaggression Pact) was signed in the Saadabad Palace in Tehran between Türkiye, Iran, Irak and Afghanistan.

12 September 1937

Seyit Rıza and his friend who caused trouble in Tunceli were surrendered.

20 September 1937

The second Turkish History assembly was held in the Dolmabahce Palace.

20 September 1937

Atatürk opened Türkiye's first official art gallery in the Dolmabahce palace.

9 October 1937

Nazilli Printed Cloth Fabric factory was opened by Atatürk.

25 October 1937

Inönü withdrew from the premiership. Celal Bayar took over the premiership.

28-30 October 1937

For the last time Atatürk participated in the Republic Holiday ceremonies in Ankara.

27 December 1937

The "Denizbank Law" was accepted in the Turkish Grand National Assembly.