9 January 1936Language, History and Geography Faculty was opened by Atatürk.
20 January 1936During the Industry Congress held in Ankara, the basis of the second Five Year Industry Plan was accepted.
25 January 1936After the agreement made with the Istanbul Steam Boat Company, the cabotage was passed to the Maritime Management.
6 February 1936The Turkish Flag started to sway in the Winter Olympic Games in Garmisch Parten-Kirchen for the first time.
21 February 1936The Izmir Gas Company was opened.
24 March 1936 The Victory Monument was opened in Afyon.
25 March 1936Afyon-Karakuyu, Bozanönü-Isparta railways opened for service.
9 April 1936 Istanbul Telephone Company was purchased.
6 May 1936Ankara Government Conservatory was established.
29 May 1936The Turkish Flag law was accepted.
1 June 1936The "Banking Law" was accepted in the Turkish Grand National Assembly.
8 June 1936 As a first important step towards the Social Rights and to the Social Security, "The Labour Law" was accepted.
20 July 1936The Montreux Convention for the Straits was signed. After this convention, Türkiye had regained absolute control over the waterways and the Turkish soldiers entered the nonmilitary zones.
11 August 1936 In the Olympic Games in Berlin, the Turkish Republic got its first gold Olympic medal.
24 August 1936The third Turkish Language assembly gathered at Dolmabahce Palace.
1 September 1936 Atatürk explained his views of "State Socialism".
4 September 1936Atatürk donated his farms to the State, and some of his real estate to the Municipality of Ankara.
4-6 September 1936The king of Great Britain, Edward the 8th, visited Atatürk in Istanbul.
26 October 1936 One of the former commanders of the Independence War, General Sükrü Naili Gökberk died.
1 November 1936Atatürk explained his views on the "Land Law".
3 November 1936The Cubuk Dam opened in Ankara.
6 November 1936 The first Paper and Cardboard factory opened in Izmit.
28 November 1936The contract was signed for purchasing the Eregli Coal Company by the government.
29 November 1936The Revolution History lessons began in the Law Faculty of Ankara University.
10 December 1936The Turkish anthracite factory was opened with ceremony in Zonguldak.
27 December 1936The poet of the National Anthem, Mehmet Akif Ersoy died.