The Police Duty and Delegated Power Law was accepted.

1 February 1934

Gazi Mustafa Kemal arrived in Kirsehir.

9 February 1934

The Balkan entente signed was between Türkiye, Greece Yugoslavia and Romania.

4 March 1934

Turkish Revolution Institute began its education in the Istanbul University.

6 March 1934

One of the former Ministers of Education Dr. Resit Galip died.

20 March 1934

The Prime Minister Ismet (Inönü) Pasha lectured on Revolution History in Ankara People's House.

4 April 1934

Türkiye-China Friendship pact was signed in Ankara.

15 April 1934

One of the commanders of the Independence War Kemalettin Sami Pasha died.

27 April 1934

Menemen-Bandirma-Manisa railway was purchased. (On 27 of May Basmane-Afyon railway was purchased.)

3 May 1934

One of the first aircrafts constructed in Kayseri Aircraft Factory was flown to Ankara.

14 June 1934

The "Housing Law" was accepted in the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

16 June 1934

Shah Riza Pahlavi of Iran visited Gazi Mustafa Kemal in Ankara.

21 June 1934

Surname law was accepted.

2 July 1934

"Gathering printing, writing and painting law" came into effect.

13 August 1934

Bakirköy cloth factory was opened.

18 August 1934

Second Turkish Language assembly gathered at Dolmabahce Palace.

30 September 1934

A sulfur factory in Keciborlu and a rose oil factory in Isparta were opened.

3 October 1934

The Swedish heir apparent prince Gustav Adolf was received by Gazi Mustafa Kemal in Ankara.

19 October 1934

Turhal sugar factory was opened.

1 November 1934

Guven monument was opened at Kizilay in Ankara.

20 November 1934

Cloth factory was opened in Konya Eregli.

24 November 1934

The law, giving the ATATÜRK surname to Mustafa Kemal Pasha was accepted.

24 November 1934

With the decision of the cabinet, it was accepted to change the Ayasofya (St. Sophia) mosque into a museum.

26 November 1934

The law removing the form of address of nicknames or titles such as "Efendi, Bey and Pasha" was accepted.

3 December 1934

The law forbidding "the religious functionaries to carry religious appearance outside of their place of worship or during their religious services, whichever religion the functionary belongs" was accepted.

5 December 1934

The law giving rights to the Turkish women for selecting deputies or being selected as a deputy was accepted.