1932The Police Organization Law was accepted.
15 January 1932The statue of Gazi Mustafa Kemal was opened in Samsun.
17 January 1932 One of the Independence War commanders, Dervis Pasha died.
22 January 1932 At the Yerebatan Mosque in Istanbul, the first time Holy Koran was read in Turkish by the Hafiz (The person who reads The Koran from his memory) Yasar (Okur).
28 January 1932The Balkan Conference began in Istanbul. (Closed on 31 January.)
30 January 1932Gazi Mustafa Kemal arrived in Istanbul.
1 February 1932 Malatya-Firat railway opened for service.
19 February 1932The People's Houses were formed.
1 May 1932National Industry Exhibition was opened in Ankara.
22 May 1932 The Criminal Court of Adana had given death sentences to 34 of the people who had participated in the revolt in the area of Agri (Ararat) Mountain.
12 June 1932Gazi Mustafa Kemal received Emir Faisal, the general governor of Hedjaz (The region between Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia.)
2 July 1932The first Turkish History Conference was assembled in the Ankara People's House.
12 July 1932 With the directive of Mustafa Kemal Pasha, the Turkish Language Investigation Society was established. (The Turkish Language Institution of the present.)
12 July 1932The King of Yugoslavia Alexandre visited Gazi Mustafa Kemal in Istanbul.
18 July 1932With the writing, No. Special-636, sent to the office of the Istanbul Mufti by the Directorate of Religious Affairs, information given that the call to prayer and the prayer will be read in Turkish. (On 16 June 1950, the Democrat Party Government, by changing the related article in the law again allowed the prayer to be read in Arabic.)
18 July 1932Türkiye became a member of the League of Nations.
27 July 1932The statue of Gazi Mustafa Kemal was opened in Izmir with a speech made by Ismet (Inönü).
30 July 1932Due to lack of money, Türkiye was not able to attend the Olympic games held in the USA.
31 July 1932 The Beauty Queen of Türkiye Keriman Halis (the surname given by Gazi Mustafa Kemal: Ece-The Queen) became the World Beauty Queen at the event which was held in Belgium.
27 September 1932Gazi Mustafa Kemal met with General MacArthur.
13 November 1932Dr. Müfide Kazim became the first woman Government Physician.
3 December 1932The first director of the Turkish Language Institution Samih Rifat died.
12 December 1932 Adile Ayda became the first woman civil servant of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.