1 January 1929The Public Schools opened.
4 January 1929Türkiye-Uruguay Friendship Pact was signed.
17 February 1929Ismet (Inönü) Pasha made a pure Turkish speech in the Scientific Technical Terms Committee.
4 March 1929The "Delivery of Calm" (ensuring peace and security, preventing anarchy) law was abolished.
9 April 1929The criminal Trials Fundamentals law was accepted by the Turkish Grand National Assembly.
24 April 1929 The debt and bankruptcy law was accepted.
13 May 1929The "Trade Law" was accepted in the Turkish Grand National Assembly.
1 June 1929The Turkish Alphabet began to be used in government correspondence.
10 June 1929 The law concerning the "Construction of Roads and Bridges" was accepted in the Turkish Grand National Assembly.
5 August 1929 Gazi Mustafa Kemal departed from Ankara for his trip to Istanbul by train.
30 August 1929The Unknown Soldier Monument was opened in Dumlupinar.
1 September 1929 The Arabic and Persian language courses were abolished from the schools.
2 September 1929 For the first time a Beauty Contest was held in Türkiye. (Ms. Feriha Tevfik was the first Beauty Queen.)
9 September 1929Fevzi Pasa-Gölbasi railway opened for service.
29 November 1929Gazi Mustafa Kemal Statue was opened in Tekirdag.
30 November 1929Gazi Mustafa Kemal met with the German historian Emil Ludwig.