The Amsterdam Olympic Games began. (The first time Türkiye received the fourth place in the Olympics by Tayyar Yalaz.)

8 January 1928

The Minister of Justice Mahmut Esat (Bozkurt) spoke about the Latin alphabet in Ankara Turkish Nationalist Club

16 January 1928

The Turkish Grand National Assembly accepted the combining of the Trade and the Agriculture Ministries as the Ministry of Economics.

29 January 1928

The Bursa American College for girls closed down by the decision of the cabinet because of the religious propaganda made to the students.

31 January 1928

The Turkish Education Society was formed.

3 February 1928

The Friday sermon and prayer began to be read in Turkish in Istanbul.

10 April 1928

The articles concerning the religion in the constitution were removed.

16 April 1928

The first Council of State decision was taken. The former Minister of Navy Ihsan (Topcu) and Dr. Fikret were sentenced by the Council.

19 May 1928

The law for establishing "The School of Engineering" accepted by the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

20 May 1928

Gazi Mustafa Kemal declared his speech about the Turkish Alphabet at Sarayburnu.

20 May 1928

The King of Afghanistan Amanullah Khan and the Queen accepted by Gazi Mustafa Kemal in Istanbul.

22 May 1928

Türkiye-Afghanistan Friendship and Cooperation pact was signed.

23 May 1928

The "Revenue Stamp Tax" law was accepted in the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

24 May 1928

The Indian origin modern numerical figures were accepted.

28 May 1928

The laws, opening of People's Schools and the Turkish Citizenship were accepted.

4 June 1928

Gazi Mustafa Kemal arrived in Istanbul.

13 June 1928

An agreement was made with the concerned in Paris for the General foreign debts.

8 August 1928

Hakki Sinasi opened the Taksim Monument in Istanbul.

11 August 1928

The new alphabet lessons were given at Dolmabahce.

25 August 1928

During the gathering of the Fourth Teachers Association Congress, teachers took an oath for teaching the new Turkish alphabet.

2 September 1928

Kütahya-Tavsanli railway opened for service.

21 September 1928

Gazi Mustafa Kemal, with a letter sent to the Prime Ministry, asked for the use of the new Turkish alphabet.

29September 1928

The Turkish alphabet was published.

1 November 1928

The acceptance of the new Turkish alphabet (the Latin letters)

31 December 1928

The agreement for the purchases of the Anatolian and Mersin-Tarsus-Adana railways, and the port of Hardarpasa were approved by a law in the Turkish Grand National Assembly.