1 January 1925 Gazi Mustafa Kemal departed for Konya.
3 January 1925 Türkiye-Latvia Friendship Pact (Warsaw) signed.
11 January 1925 Mustafa Kemal Pasha made a speech in Konya owing to the 4th anniversary of the First Inönü Victory and stated that this victory became a page in our revolutionary history.
11-15 February 1925Sheik Sait revolt began in the East of the country.
14 February 1925Halit Pasha, one of the leading commanders of the War of Independence died. (In a gunfight at the National Assembly building with Ali Çetinkaya)
16 February 1925Turkish Air Society was established.
17 February 1925 Asar (Crop tax) was abolished.
25 February 1925The law, stating for religion not to be used as a tool in politics, was accepted.
26 February 1925 The law abolishing "The tobacco monopoly" which was controlled by the French companies, was accepted by the Turkish Grand National Assembly.
2 March 1925Fethi (Okyar) Cabinet resigned. Ismet (Inönü) formed the new government on 3 of March. (This incident was connected to the Sheik Sait revolt.)
4 March 1925 The Delivery of Calm (ensuring peace and security, preventing anarchy) law was accepted in the Turkish Grand National Assembly.
8 March 1925One of the old ministers of the Ministry of Justice Prof. Seyit died.
9 March 1925Two more newspapers were closed down on this date after the closure of four newspapers as per the decision of the cabinet on 6 March.
5 April 1925 The law for the establishment of sugar factories was accepted in the Turkish Grand National Assembly.
17 April 1925Ankara-Yahsiyan railway was opened and put into service. (And Yahsiyan-Yerköy railway on 20 November.)
19 April 1925It was accepted by the Turkish Grand National Assembly that 29th October, the day of the declaration of the Republic, will be a national holiday.
19 April 1925The law of the "Trade, Industry and Mines Bank" was accepted by the Turkish Grand National Assembly.
22 April 1925 The law of the "Chamber of Trade and Industry" was accepted by the Turkish Grand National Assembly.
22 April 1925The law of "Cadastral Survey" was accepted by the Turkish Grand National Assembly.
5 May 1925 The construction of the Gazi Orman Ciftligi-Gazi Forest Farm began at Ankara.
5 May 1925Manok Manukyan, who was assigned to kill Gazi Mustafa Kemal by the Armenian Committee in Greece, was executed in Ankara.
3 June 1925The Progressive Republican Party was closed down by the decision and order of the cabinet.
29 June 1925Sheik Sait and his 46 men were sentenced to death by Diyarbakir Independence Tribunal.
23 August 1925 Mustafa Kemal's first statue was set up at Sarayburnu, Istanbul.
27 August 1925Mustafa Kemal arrived to Inebolu Turkish Nationalist Club wearing a modern hat. (During his Kastamonu trip he spoke a lot about the dress reform.)
1 September 1925The first Turkish Medical Congress was assembled.
2 September 1925The religious convents were closed down.
2 September 1925In Sivas the reactionists revolted on closing down the convents and on the subject of "hat" (They were punished by the Independence Tribunal.)
4 September 1925Turkish women were entered into a beauty contest that was organized in a ball in Istanbul for the first time.
13 September 1925 Gazi Mustafa Kemal pardoned the journalists who were in the hearing in the Elazig Independence Tribunal.
1 October 1925 Bursa textile factory was opened with the speech of Gazi Mustafa Kemal.
11 October 1925The governments decree number 2626, dated 11th October 1925 concerning the instructions for the wearing of the apparel to wear in the official ceremonies.
14 October 1925During his speech in the Izmir Teachers school f or males, Gazi Mustafa Kemal stated: "The people who save the states are, only and solely, the teachers."
5 November 1925 The Ankara School of Law opened.
14 November 1925 A plaque was placed in the house in Sisli where Gazi Mustafa Kemal lived during the armistice times.
22 November 1925A decree was taken in the assembly of the Faculty of Literature for forming a Revolution History Section, and for the founding of a Revolution Museum within the University of Istanbul.
23 November 1925The Council of State was re-formed.
25 November 1925The "Hat Law" was issued. (The law abolishes the use of religious headgear of the citizens except for the religious officials who are authorized, approved and appointed by the government.)
30 November 1925The law that was issued for the closure of convents (and also forbidding the use of some religious titles) came into force.
8 December 1925 The Ministry of Education issued a circular on the tendencies of the "Breakdown the Turkish unity". (Not to use the names Kürd, Laz, Circassian, Kürdistan, Lazistan and to contend on these subjects.)
9 December 1925The law stating the use of "locally produced textiles" was issued in the Turkish Grand National Assembly.
17 December 1925Between Türkiye and United Soviet Socialist Republic the Neutrality, Nonaggression Treaty, and the three protocols connected to this, were signed in Paris. (USSR broke this treaty on 7 November 1945.)
26 December 1925 The law stating the use of international calendar and time was accepted.