1 January 1924Gazi Mustafa Kemal went to Izmir.
2 January 1924The "Week Day Rest Law" was accepted by the Turkish Grand National Assembly. (Until that date there was no obligation for the week day rest.)
2 January 1924The journalists were acquitted at the Istanbul Independence Tribunal.
28 January 1924Türkiye-Austria Friendship, Trade and residency pacts were signed.
7 February 1924The law of Binding pensions to the families of volunteers and military personnel who were martyred during the National Struggle was accepted in the Turkish Grand National Assembly.
13 February 1924Some of the journalists who were sentenced by the Istanbul Independence Tribunal were pardoned in the Turkish Grand National Assembly.
15-22 February 1924War games held in Izmir. (Within these days it was decided to abolish Caliphate. Gazi Mustafa Kemal and Ismet (Inönü) discussed on this subject.)
29 February 1924The last "Friday Salutation Ceremony" held in Istanbul for the Caliph Abdül Mejid.
1 March 1924In his Opening ceremony speech in the Turkish Grand National Assembly, Gazi Mustafa Kemal stated that the education should be combined and the military should be separated from the politics.
2 March 1924In the People's Party's group meeting it was talked about the decisions to be made the next day.
3 March 1924 The Caliphate abolished.
3 March 1924By passing the unification of education law, a unity was achieved in the education.
3 March 1924The Ministry of Religious Affairs and religious schools was abolished. (The first steps towards a Secular State.)
3 March 1924The Ministry of the General Staff was abolished. (This way the Office of the General Staff was moved away from the government and the politics.)
5 March 1924The law of the establishing of the Agriculture and the Trade Ministries was accepted in the Turkish Grand National Assembly.
8 March 1924 The Turkish Grand National assembly took a decision to give the Medal of Independence to its first term deputies.
13 March 1924 The "Law for the Middle School Teachers (Junior Secondary School)" was accepted in the Turkish Grand National Assembly.
18 March 1924 The "Village Law" was accepted in the Turkish Grand National Assembly.
30 March 1924Mehmet Rifat (Börekci) was appointed as the Religious Affaires Director.
1 April 1924The law stating "The management of the Ergani Copper Mines by the State" was accepted in the Turkish Grand National Assembly.
8 April 1924 A new law was passed for the Abolition of religious courts and replacing them with the Civil Courts.The law became into force at the beginning of May.
13 April 1924The law for binding pensions to the families of Mithat, Mahmut Sevket, Talat Pashas and to Resit Hikmet Bey and to the families of others for the services given for their country was accepted by the Turkish Grand National Assembly.
16 April 1924The Turkish Grand National Assembly with the "Law of the general amnesty" pardoned the people who helped the enemies during the War of Independence.
20 April 1924The new Constitution was accepted.
21 April 1924 The self management of the University of Istanbul was accepted by the Turkish Grand National Assembly.
22 April 1924The law "Purchasing of the Anatolian railways and forming a general directorate for its operations" was accepted by the Turkish Grand National Assembly. (With this law the modern Turkish Railway was formed. )
23 April 1924With the meeting of the general assembly in Ankara, the Turkish Nationalist Clubs were re-established. (The first establishment on 25 March 1912. In 1931 they were closed again and People's Houses were established instead. On 1949 they were re-established.)
19 May 1924The Türkiye-Britain negotiations concerning the Turkish-Iraq boundaries started in Istanbul. (It was continued until 5 June, no agreement was reached and the subject was taken to the League of Nations.)
1 June 1924The cabinet decided to deport the 150 people, who were exempted from the general amnesty declared as per the Lausanne Peace Treaty, because of their operations against the National Struggle.
6 June 1924 With the undertaking of Pope Eftim (Erenerol), the Turkish Orthodox arranged a congress at the church of Panaiya in Istanbul and established the independent Istanbul Turk Orthodox Church. Pope Eftim became the head of the church.
8 August 1924The Lausanne Treaty came into force.
22 August 1924The Turkish women's request for appointment to the courts as judges.
25 Agust 1924 Gazi Mustafa Kemal is at the tea party held for the Teachers Association Congress.
26 August 1924The Is Bank of Türkiye was established.
30 August 1924After a long speech at the ceremony to mark the second anniversary of the Battle of the Commander in Chief at Dumlupınar, Gazi Mustafa Kemal referred to  youth, saying : “O! The rising new generation:The future is yours. We established the republic."
30 August 1924The foundation of the Unknown Soldier Monument was laid down at Dumlupinar.
1 September 1924 The Music Teacher Education school was established in Ankara.
22 September 1924 Gazi Mustafa Kemal, during his address to the teachers of "The Independence Trade School" said, "Knowledge and science are the best guide to everything in the world, to material and to spiritual things, to life, to success. To seek for a guide outside knowledge and science is to show oneself ignorant, blind and misguided."
25 October 1924 Ziya Gökalp died.
26 October 1924Due to some commanders choosing to join the politics, a crisis occurred.
29 October 1924 The Turkish Grand National Assembly celebrated the anniversary of the republic in its newly constructed second building.
1 November 1924 The Turkish Grand National Assembly started its meetings on November. Before, it was on the 1 of March.
10 November 1924The People's Party was renamed as People's Republican Party.
17 November 1924 The Progressive Republican Party was formed.
21 November 1924Ismet (Inönü) Pasha resigned from the premiership. (On 22 November Fethi (Okyar) Bey became Premier. He was on duty until 2 March 1925.)
20 December 1924The law changing the name of Kirkkilise (Forty Churches) into Kirklareli was accepted by the Turkish Grand National Assembly.
29 December 1924 The law "Forming the Ministry of Navy" was accepted Turkish Grand National Assembly.