2 January 1919Lord Curzon's memorandum, in the manner of "The Turks in the Eastern Thrace and the Greeks in the Western Anatolia should be exchanged" was publicised.
7 January 1919The British asked the towns of Kars, Ardahan and Batum to be evacuated.
10 January 1919Turkish units handed over Medina.
12 January 1919 The British entered Kars and settled in certain locations.
13 January 1919 The second Tevfik (Okday) Pasha government was formed in Istanbul. (Resigned at 3 March. His first cabinet was formed on 11th November 1918.)
14 January 1919Hadimköy-Kuleliburgaz railway stations were occupied by the Greeks. (Later on, Eastern Railways Directorate office was occupied by the French.)
15 January 1919Haydarpasa Railway Station was occupied by the British.
 17 January 1919The second "Kars National Islamic Council" was assembled.
 18 January 1919the Peace Conference assembled at Versailles, Paris.
 22 January 1919 Turkish forces evacuated Batum.
22 January 1919A British unit entered Konya.
22 January 1919Freedom and Entente Party began to work again.
26 January 1919Nurettin Pasha commenced his duty as the governor of Izmir.
30 January 1919Committee of Union and Progress party's 27 members were sent to the Military Court.
2 February 1919During the Peace Conference, the Prime Minister Venizelos demanded Aegean Islands, Thrace and Western Anatolia to be handed over to Greece.
5 February 1919After the declaration of constitutional monarchy, the censorship, which was abolished on 24 July 1908, had become in force again in Istanbul.(Abolished again on 4 October 1922)
7 February 1919  The British Field Marshal Allenby arrived in Istanbul.
8 February 1919The Commander-in-Chief of the Eastern Armies General Franchet D'Esperey, who had arrived to Istanbul by ship on 23 November 1918 entered Istanbul with a pompous ceremony
9 February 1919Field Marshal Allenby gave a warning to Istanbul Government.
12 February 1919The Defence of Rights National Association of Trabzon was founded.
14 February 1919Nurettin Pasha was appointed to 17 Armed Corps Command.
19 February 1919 The Rise of Islam Committee" was founded in Istanbul.
19 February 1919 "The Defence of Rights National Association of the Black Sea Turk's was founded.
22 February 1919  Maras was occupied by the British.
1 March 1919 During the Paris Peace Conference the British and the French delegations proposed land to be given to Greece in Anatolia.
4 March 1919Damat Ferid Pasha's cabinet had taken over the government of Tevfik (Okday) Pasha which was resigned a day earlier.
6 March 1919The Greeks of Istanbul behaved rowdily and carried out some assaults.
7 March 1919Kozan was occupied by the French.
8 March 1919 Zonguldak and Eregli was occupied by the French. (Liberated between 20 and 21 June 1921)
13 March 1919Kazim Karabekir Pasha was appointed to the Command of 15 Army Corps in Erzurum. (Arrived in Erzurum on 3 of May.)
14 March 1919The British Prime Minister Lloyd George, The French Prime Minister Clemenceau, the Italian Prime Minister Orlando and the President Wilson of the United States of America accepted the landing plan of the Greek's in Paris.
15 March 1919 Albanian Help Committee founded in Istanbul.
19 March 1919A delegation from Izmir was admitted to see the Sultan.
19 March 1919 The Defence of Rights Congress of Izmir assembled
19 March 1919Mustafa Kemal sent a letter to Erzurum explaining how to be organized.
24 March 1919Urfa was occupied by the British.
28 March 1919Antalya was occupied by the Italians.
30 March 1919Merzifon was occupied by the British. 
30 March 1919Damat Ferid Pasha gave a project to Admiral Calthorpe in order to obtain the protection of Britain.
10 April 1919The Kaimakam ( provincial district governor) of Bogazlayan was executed.
13 April 1919 Kars was occupied by the British.  
16 April 1919Afyonkarahisar was occupied by the French.
20 April 1919The Georgian units entered Ardahan.
24 April 1919The Italian troops entered Konya.
30 April 1919Mustafa Kemal was appointed as the Inspector-General of the 9 Army.
5 May 1919 Mustafa Kemal's order of appointment to Samsun was published in Takvim-i Vekâyi. (The government gazette of its time.)
5-6 May 1919 During the Peace Conference in Paris, The Prime Minister of Britain Lloyd George asked Greece to land in Izmir.
10 May 1919The occupation of Izmir was decided on by the Entente States in Paris.
11 May 1919Ali Bati revolt began.
14 May 1919Admiral Calthorpe gave a diplomatic note for the occupation of Izmir.
14 May 1919Cevat Pasha was assigned as the Chief of the General Staff.
14 May 1919The fortifications in the small towns and villages of Foca, Karaburun, Urla and Yenikale were occupied by the British, the French and the Greeks.
14-15 May 1919 The patriots of Izmir gathered at night in the Jewish cemetery and accepted the "refusal of annex" principle. Newly founded "The National Committee of the Refusal of Annex" issued an announcement to the people
15 May 1919Izmir was occupied by the Greeks with the support of the Entente States. The first armed resistance began.
15 May 1919Four hours and 10 minutes after the occupation of Izmir, in the presidency of the Mufti (The official person in charge of Islamic Affairs in a province or district) of Denizli, Ahmed Hulusi Efendi (Mr.) "Denizli National Committee" was founded.
15-16 May 1919Damat Ferid Pasha Cabinet resigned
16 May 1919The people of Balikesir decided to protest the occupation and agreed on armed resistance.
16 May 1919Urla and Seferihisar were occupied by the Greeks
16 May 1919Mustafa Kemal left Istanbul for Samsun on board of the Bandirma Steamboat as the Inspector-General of 9 Army.
 17 May 1919Rafet Bey (Bele) was appointed to 3 Army Corps Command in Sivas
18 May 1919University of Istanbul (Dar-ül Fünun) arranged it's first meeting to protest the occupation.
18 May 1919 The people of Balikesir arranged the Alacamescid meeting.
19 May 1919Mustafa Kemal arrived to Samsun and the Turkish War of Independence commenced.
19 May 1919Damat Ferid Pasha formed his second Cabinet.
20 May 1919The British Friendship Society was founded
20 May 1919 Colonel Bekir Sami was appointed to the Command of 17 Army Corps.
20 May 1919Seydiköy was occupied by the Greeks
21 May 1919Mustafa Kemal informed his thoughts under a secret cipher to Kazim Karabekir Pasha who was 15 Army Corps Commander in Erzurum.
21 May 1919Afyonkarahisar which was occupied by the French, on 16 April changed hands to the Italians.
22 May 1919Mustafa Kemal, on his report to Prime Ministry, stated that "Nation has become one body,  accepted the essence of sovereignty and the feelings of Turkishness as a target."
22 May 1919Kadiköy Mass meeting was held and (Ms.) Halide Edip made a public speech.
23 May 1919Mass meetings held at Sultanahmet Square in Istanbul and in Sivas.
23 May 1919Mustafa Kemal Pasha, by sending a telegram, contacted for the first time with the Commander of the 20 Army Corps Ali Fuat Pasha (Cebesoy)
23 May 1919 Mollah Sait informed mayors that "The British Friendship Society" was founded.
25 May 1919Mustafa Kemal Pasha arrived to Havza.
26 May 1919Manisa was occupied by the Greeks.
26 May 1919In Istanbul, the Council of Sultanate decided to accept the British mandate.
27 May1919Aydin was occupied by the Greeks
28 May 1919During his stay in Havza, Mustafa Kemal asked from high civilian post officials and military commanders to arrange mass meetings against the occupations.
28 May 1919Struggle started with the Greeks around Ödemis.(The British arrested 67 people who were involved with politics and exiled them to Malta.)
29 May 1919 In Ayvalik, under the leadership of Ali Bey (Cetinkaya) resistance began against  the Greeks.
2 June 1919  Kazim Özalp began his duty at 61 Division.
3 June 1919In reply to the Ministry of War related to the meetings, Mustafa Kemal Pasha said, "I cannot see any power and strength in anybody to stop the national excitement and demonstrations of the nation".
4 June 1919Nazilli was occupied by the Greeks.
 6 June 1919General Milne, the Entente Commander-in-Chief gave an ultimatum to the Istanbul Government.
 6 June 1919 Damad Ferid and the delegations departed to participate in the Paris Peace Conference
8 June 1919The Minister of War called back Mustafa Kemal Pasha to Istanbul.
8 June 1919Rauf Bey (Orbay) arrived to Ankara.
9 June 1919National Resistance Unit was formed at the Aydin Front.
10 June 1919The circular of Mustafa Kemal Pasha: "For the sake of our National Independence... I take an oath in the name of holy things I believe and value, that I will work together with the nation until the end."
11 June 1919  Damat Ferid Pasha arrived to Paris to participate in the Paris Peace Conference.
12 June 1919 Mustafa Kemal departed from Havza.
 12 June 1919A volunteered detachment formed in Alasehir fought with the Greek forces.
13 June 1919 Mustafa Kemal received a delegation in Amasya.
16 June 1919Yörük Ali Efe annihilated a Greek detachment.
17 June 1919 Erzurum Province Congress was assembled.
17 June 1919In Istanbul, the British High Commissioner Admiral Calthorpe sent a letter to the Ministry of War and asked for Mustafa Kemal to  be recalled.
18 June 1919The Ali Bati revolt was suppressed.
18 June 1919Mustafa Kemal issued a circular concerning the uniting of Anatolia and Rumelia (the European part of the Ottoman Empire) National Organizations.
18 June 1919 Mustafa Kemal sent his thoughts, under a secret cipher, to Cafer Tayyar (Egilmez), the Commander of the Army Corps in Thrace.
19 June 1919Ali Fuat Pasha and Rauf Bey arrived to Amasya in order to meet with Mustafa Kemal
21 June 1919Mustafa Kemal, in a letter sent to well-known people in Istanbul [Abdurrahman Seref, Resit Akif Pasha, Seyit, Ms. Halide Edip (Adivar), KaraVasif, The Minister of Public Works Ferit Pasha, The president of the Peace and well-being Party Ferit Pasha, Cami (Baykut), Ahmet (Riza)]said, "From now on Istanbul must not dominate Anatolia, it must be subject to it."
21 June 1919Amasya Circular was prepared.
22 June 1919Mustafa Kemal, in his historic Amasya Circular, announced that, "In order to form national forces within one aim and one organization, it was necessary to convene a Nationalist Congress at Sivas."
22 June 1919 Erzurum Province Congress ended.
23 June 1919Mustafa Kemal was dismissed from his duties by the Istanbul government.
25 June 1919Cerkez (Circassian) Ethem's and Demirci (Blacksmith) Mehmet Efe's forces began to struggle with the Greeks.
 25 June 1919  Mustafa Kemal Pasha departed from Amasya to Sivas.
 26 June 1919At the end of World War One, the Versailles Peace Treaty was signed between the Imperial Germany and the Entente States.
27 June 1919 Mustafa Kemal arrived to Sivas
28 June 1919Mustafa Kemal departed from Sivas towards Erzurum
28 June 1919First Balikesir Congress was assembled.
 3 July 1919Mustafa Kemal arrived to Erzurum in order to join to the Defence of Rights Movement congress of Eastern Provinces
 8 July 1919Mustafa Kemal resigned from his official duties and from the military.
9 July 1919Minister of War issued a circular stating the dismissal of Mustafa Kemal Pasha's duties.
10 July 1919Trakya-Pasaeli Congress began.
11 July 1919Demirci Mehmet Efe joined to the National Resistance lines.
13 July 1919Refet Bele Bey was removed from his post of 3 Army Corps Commander by the Istanbul government.
18 July 1919The Entente High Commissioner made a division between Italy and Greece who could not come to an agreement for the occupied zones, and decided that Aydin should be given to the Italians.
20 July 1919 Kazim Karabekir Pasha was appointed to 3 Army Inspectorate (previously 9 Army) as deputy inspector.
20 July 1919Mustafa Kemal told Mazhar Müfit (Kansu) that a Republic will be founded in the future.
 21 July 1919For the third time Damat Ferid Pasha assembled a government.
23 July 1919Erzurum Congress was assembled and Mustafa Kemal was selected as the chairman of the congress.
23 July 1919 Erzurum Congress began to work.
26 July 1919 Second Balikesir Congress was assembled.
4 August 1919 The commander of 3 Caucasian Division Lt. Colonel Halit (later on General Karsialan) sent a telegram to Mustafa Kemal stating his devotion to him.
4 August 1919Ismet Bey (Inönü) was appointed to the Military Council membership.
6 August 1919First Nazilli Congress was assembled.
7 August 1919Erzurum Congress ended.
7 August 1919 Mustafa Kemal replied to the telegram of Lt. Colonel Halit.
9 August 1919 First Nazilli Congress finished its studies
9 August 1919Mustafa Kemal was discharged from the military.
10 August 1919Halide Edip Adıvar sent a letter to Mustafa Kemal suggesting to turn to United States.
14 August 1919The first assembly of the Representative Committee realized
16 August 1919Alasehir Congress began.
 24 August 1919The Defence of Rights Society of Eastern Anatolia was formed.
25 August 1919Alasehir Congress finalized its studies.
 27 August 1919 Erzurum's citizenship was given to Mustafa Kemal
 29 August 1919Mustafa Kemal departed from Erzurum.
2 September 1919 Mustafa Kemal arrived in Sivas.
3 September 1919The Istanbul government tried to stop the Sivas Congress
4 September 1919Sivas Congress assembled and Mustafa Kemal was selected as the President of the congress.
7 September 1919The Society for the Defence of Rights in Anatolia and Rumelia was formed.
8 September 1919Suggestions of a mandate were accepted in the congress.
9 September 1919 The Representative Committee that received Decision and Application Power by the Sivas Congress appointed Ali Fuat Pasha as the Commander of the Anatolian General National Resistance.
10 September 1919Saint German Peace Treaty was signed between the Entente States and the Austrian Empire.
11 September 1919 Mustafa Kemal was selected as the President of Standing Committee of the Society for the Defence of Rights in Anatolia and Rumelia.
11 September 1919 The Sivas Congress ended.
12 September 1919  Sultan Vahdeddin certified the Mandate Pact with Great Britain.
 13 September 1919 The circular of Mustafa Kemal Pasha concerning the preparation for selecting the members of the Turkish Grand National Assembly was issued
14 September 1919"The Determination of the Nation" newspaper was published in Sivas.
16 September 1919Third Balikesir Congress was assembled.
19 September 1919 Second Nazilli Congress was assembled.
20 September 1919 Vahdeddin issued a declaration relating to assist the Istanbul Government.
22 September 1919 Mustafa Kemal talked with General Harbourd.
27 September 1919Third Bozkir revolt emerged.
27-28 September 1919 The Governor of Konya escaped to Istanbul.
30 September 1919 Damad Ferid Pasha resigned from the Grand Vizierate.
2 October 1919 Ali Riza Pasha Government was formed.
2 October 1919 Mustafa Kemal wrote a letter to Istanbul Municipality and issued his "Declaration of call" to the people of Istanbul, asking them to join in the struggle in Anatolia.
3 October 1919Mustafa Kemal, in his telegram sent to the new Grand Vizier, stated that if the government complies with the aim of Erzurum and Sivas Congress,the national organizations will assist the government
4 October 1919  First Bozkir revolt was suppressed. On the same date Mustafa Kemal, with a telegram sent to Yahya Kaptan, a militia commander, asked to set up a strong organization in the Izmit region.
7 October 1919 Trakya-Pasaeli Defence Committee of the Ottoman's joined to the Society for the Defence of Rights in Anatolia and Rumelia.
7 October 1919 The International investigation committee, which was founded to investigate the cruelty made by the Greeks, gave their report to the Peace  Conference in Paris.
13 October 1919 Mustafa Kemal answered the questions directed to him by the editorial writer Velit (Ebüzziya) of "Tasviri Efkâr" Newspaper
15 October 1919 Minister of the Navy Salih Pasha departed for Amasya.
16 October 1919First Edirne Conference began.
16 October 1919 Mustafa Kemal and his friends departed from Sivas towards Amasya.
17 October 1919In western Thrace the small town of Iskece was occupied by the Greeks. 
18 October 1919Mustafa Kemal and his friends arrived to Amasya.
20 October 1919Second Bozkir revolt began
20-22 October 1919In Amasya, Mustafa Kemal met with the Minister of the Navy Salih Pasha who came from Istanbul.Amasya Protocol was signed
23 October 1919Istanbul was chosen and accepted as the centre by the Greek citizens of the Ottomansfor Pontus Operations (and for East Thrace).
25 October 1919 First Anzavur revolt began.
26 October 1919Sheik Esref revolt began in Hart, the subdistrict of Bayburt.
27 October 1919Mustafa Kemal departed for Tokat.
28 October 1919 Mustafa Kemal departed from Tokat towards Sivas.
28 October 1919 The Representative Committee decided to support Ali Riza Pasha Cabinet.
29 October 1919The French replaced the British Occupation Forces in the Southeast  and entered Antep.
31 October 1919 Sütcü Imam incident occurred in Maras.
3 November 1919A resistance organization under the name of Security Society was founded.
 3 November 1919 General Milne notified Minister of War Cemal Pasha to move the national forces at Izmir Front 3 kilometres back
4 November 1919Second Bozkir revolt was suppressed.
5 November 1919Anatolian Women Defence of the Country Society was founded.
7 November 1919 Mustafa Kemal was elected Deputy for Erzurum for the Ottoman parliament that was decided to assemble in  Istanbul.
16 November 1919Mustafa Kemal Pasha made some suggestions to certain army corps and division commanders for the organization of national forces in the west and to receive support from the army.
16 November 1919Mustafa Kemal Pasha presented a suggestion to the Ministry of War on the behalf of the Representative Committee for the arrangement of the forces in Eastern Anatolia at three front.
16 November 1919 Mustafa Necati, Vasif and Esat (Cinar) brothers started to publish a newspaper in Balikesir, called "Izmir'e Dogru-Towards Izmir."
19 November 1919Fourth Balikesir Congress was assembled.
21 November 1919 Gökcen Efe died for the country.
27 November 1919Peace treaty was signed in Neuilly between the Entente States and Bulgaria.
27 November 1919Kara Vasif has departed for Sivas.
28 November 1919Maras struggle began.
29 November 1919 Defence of Rights Association was founded  in Maras
29 November 1919Security Society was founded in Istanbul.
30 November 1919The Anzavur forces were destroyed in their first revolt.
4 December 1919Trabzon and its Environment Non-Centralized Society was founded
8 December 1919The administration of the movement of Western Anatolia was given to Ali Fuat Pasha.
10 December 1919 The Commander of 3 Army Corps,Colonel Refet (Bele) arrived to Nazilli and took over the command of Aydin National Forces.
13 December 1919Victorious High Commissariat has not accepted the occupation of İzmir by the Greeks.
18 December 1919Mustafa Kemal Pasha departed from Sivas.
18 December 1919Pontus Government was founded in Batum.
23 December 1919The Italians, after Antalya,moved up to Konya.
27 December 1919Mustafa Kemal arrived to Ankara together with the members of Representative Committee.
28 December 1919Mustafa Kemal spoken with the citizens of Ankara and explained the situation.
29 December 1919National forces formed in Urfa.
29 December 1919Mustafa Kemal Pasha's circular on the subject of the Deputies to come to Ankara in order to meet with the Representative Committee was issued
29 December 1919Council of Ministers reached a decision on the subject of that, Mustafa Kemal has not been discarded from the Army, that he has resigned and, that all the orders and medals received should be returned back.