9 January 1916The Entente forces retreated from Seddülbahir
14 January 1916Mustafa Kemal was appointed to the 16 Army Corps in Edirne.
16 February 1916Erzurum was occupied by the Russians.
15 March 1916Mustafa Kemal began his duty at the Eastern Front as the commander of 16 Army Corps that was moved from Edirne to Diyarbakir.
1 April 1916Mustafa Kemal was promoted to Brigadier General.
7-25 April 1916Mustafa Kemal drove back the attack of the Russians in the East Front.
28 April 1916The British forces, who were under the siege for five months at the battles on the Iraqi Front, surrendered.
7-8 August 1916Mustafa Kemal retrieved Bitlis and Mus from the Russians.
17 November 1916The 10 Army Corps arrived to Macedonian Front.
11 December 1916Monastir was captured by the Entente forces.