20 January 1915Mustafa Kemal was posted to the 19 Divisions’ Command.
19 February 1915 British and French forces opened artillery fire to Canakkale (Chanak).
25 February 1915Under the command of Mustafa Kemal, 19 Division moved to Eceabat (Maydos or Maidos) when Canakkale came under artillery fire of British and French forces.
18 March 191518 of March Battle of Straits victory won against The Entente forces who tried to pass Dardanelles to capture Istanbul.
23 March 1915General Limon von Sanders was appointed as the commander of the 5 Army which was formed for the Defence of Dardanelles.
25 April 1915The Entente forces, which had been hindered to pass through the Dardanelles, landed their troops to Seddülbahir (Cape Helles) and Ariburnu - now called Anzak Koyu (Anzac Cove). Mustafa Kemal stopped the enemy units at Conkbayir.
30 April 1915The Commander of the 19 Division Mustafa Kemal received a medal.
1 May 1915Mustafa Kemal taken the command of Ariburnu Group. The first prepared offensive attack of the 19 Division was realized.
10 May 1915The Commander-in-Chief Enver Pasha inspected Mustafa Kemal's area of operation and expressed his appreciations.
17 May 1915Mustafa Kemal left the Ariburnu Group Command and returned to the Command of the 19 Division. (He had undertaken the Commandership of Ariburnu on 1 May due to the circumstances of that time.)
24 May 1915A One-day cease-fire agreement was made at Canakkale.
1 June 1915Mustafa Kemal was promoted to Colonel.
8-9 August 1915Mustafa Kemal was appointed as the Commander of Anafartalar Group.
9 August 1915The offensive, personally lead by Mustafa Kemal, forced the enemy to retreat on the Anafartalar Front. First Anafartalar victory was won.
10 August 1915Mustafa Kemal won another victory with bayonet charge at Conkbayir.
17 August 1915After Anafartalar, Mustafa Kemal won another victory at Kirectepe.
19 August 1915Mustafa Kemal was appointed to the command of the 16 Army Corps. (He was also the Group Commander of Anafartalar.)
21 August 1915Mustafa Kemal won the Second Anafartalar victory.
24 August 1915The Commander-in-Chief Enver Pasha inspected the Anafartalar Group area.
27 August 1915Battle of Kayacikagili was realized.
28 August 1915Mustafa Kemal made new arrangements within the Anafartalar Group.
10 December 1915Mustafa Kemal departed from the Canakkale front.
19-20 December 1915Enemy forces secretly vacated Ariburnu and Suvla. (Battle of Canakkale completely ended on 8-9 January 1916.)