23 January 1913 Unionists (Committee of Union and Progress party) removed Grand Vizier Kamil Pasha (with the Babiali raid) and replaced him with Mahmut Sevket Pasha.
30 May 1913At the end of the First Balkan War, the Treaty of London signed with the Balkan states.
11 June 1913Grand Vizier Mahmut Sevket Pasha was assassinated.
12 June 1913Said Halim Pasha became Grand Vizier.
21 July 1913Mustafa Kemal, with the Bolayir Army Corps, where he was the chief of general staff, took back Edirne (Adrianople) which was lost in the First Balkan war.
29 September 1913At the end of the Balkan wars, the Istanbul Treaty was signed with Bulgaria.
27 October 1913Mustafa Kemal was appointed as Military Attache in Sofia. The same day Fethi Bey (Okyar - Please note that throughout the text, the names given in brackets after or before Pasha or Bey (Sir), are the surnames received after the acceptance of the Surname Law) was appointed as Turkish Ambassador to Bulgaria in Sofia.
14 November 1913After the Second Balkan War, Athens Treaty signed between Greece and the Ottoman Government.