VIII. The International Turkish Folk Culture Congress 21-24 November 2011

The International Turkish Folk Culture Congress was started in 1975 and has been held every five years since 1981. It is organized by Directorate General of Research and Training of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the VIII Congress will take place between 21-24 November 2011.            

Sessions of the Congress;

I. General Topics
II. Turkish Folk Literature
II. Music, Dance and Entertainment in Turkish Folk Culture
IV. Traditions, Customs and Beliefs in Turkish Folk Culture
V. Tangible Cultural Assets in Turkish Folk Culture
VI. Efforts and studies on Intangible Cultural Heritage: Education, Research, Inventory Making, Archiving, Documentation and Conservation   
VII. Relationship between Popular Culture, Media, Internet and Folk Culture

The academics/scientists and experts wishing to participate in the Congress are required to fill in the form and send it along with their paper summaries by 24 June 2011.  Papers received after the deadline will not be accepted. The summary of the paper shall be minimum 250 words and shall not exceed 500 words (Turkish or English).

The papers shall be prepared using Times New Roman size 12 font, 1,5 line spacing and MS Word format including references and tables/figures. The papers should be transmitted in electronic format through e-mail or on CD-ROM. 

Including references, annexes and figures/tables, full text of the paper shall not be more than 25 pages. The authors affirm that the paper has not been published elsewhere prior to the congress. Working languages of the congress will be Turkish and English.  

The papers should be prepared in compliance with paper preparation guidelines. Science and Evaluation Board will examine and evaluate the paper summaries and notify the authors of the result, the provisional program and other details concerning the event.

The full text of the papers which are selected as eligible by the Board must be transmitted in electronic format to the contact address of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism by 28 October 2011. 

Contact: İsmet İnönü Bulvarı No:5 Kat:10 06100 Emek/ANKARA
Tel: (90-312) 212 17 62
Fax: (90-312) 212 42 87

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