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27-28 October Euromed Heritage Forum in Istanbul

“Cultural heritage: a shared responsibility for the Mediterranean”

Euromed Heritage Forum in Istanbul, 27-28 October


Cultural Heritage in the Mediterranean comes under the spotlight at the international Euromed Heritage Forum in Istanbul, Turkey on October 27-28, 2006. In addition to Ministers of Culture from the Mediterranean partner countries and their representatives, around 200 people are expected to attend the meeting, including leading European and southern Mediterranean conservation experts and representatives of heritage institutions.

Delegates to the Forum will examine the achievements of the Euromed Heritage programme and discuss future priorities and strategies of the Mediterranean partner countries in the Cultural Heritage sector. The Forum will also host the ceremony for the Euromed Heritage Journalistic Award 2006, an international press competition dealing with the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage.

The Euromed Heritage Forum is the second meeting of partners of the Euromed Heritage Programme, which was the first regional MEDA programme to focus on Cultural Heritage. Launched in 1998 with a total budget of €57 million, it has so far covered 32 projects, involving over 400 partners in cultural heritage from the EU and the Mediterranean region.

In the framework of the programme, publications have been issued on such diverse topics as traditional architecture, site management and classical music. Other projects include the creation of databases, studies on subjects such as comparative legislation, travelling exhibitions, films, concerts and even tourist itineraries. Various training programmes have also been implemented so as to strengthen capacity regarding heritage conservation and management and undersea archaeology, as well as to improve project conception and management.

The Forum is being organised with the technical support of the Regional Management Support Unit (RMSU) of the Euromed Heritage Programme, guided by the Italian Ministry of Culture (ICCD). The Programme is managed by the EuropeAid Co-operation Office of the EC.


Media representatives are cordially invited to attend the Opening Session at 9.30 am on 27 October (Hotel Agkun) and to the Press conference at 12.00
Accreditation: or by telephone: +39 06 58332194

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