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World Stamp Championship 2004

World Stamp Championship 2004

28 August – 1 September 2004

Singapore is honoured to host the first World Stamp Championship (WSC 2004) from 28 August – 1 September 2004 at Suntec International Conventions and Exhibition Centre This mega event will attract the world’s best philatelists in Singapore to meet anda compete for the world’s highest philatelic honours. It is hoped that the World Stamp Championship will do for stamp collecting what the Olympics has done for sports (See Anex 1 for Event details)

The World Stamp Exhibition 2004 will host a series of activities, comprising of the Championship Stamp Exhibit, Postal Administrators and Stamp Dealers booths and the Attractions Gallery.

Our main theme for WSC2004 is Uniting the World through Stamps. We will have ‘Nature’, ‘Technology’ and ‘Culture’ galleries where within each thematic area, there will be displays, exhibits as well as interactive activities.

We plan to set aside our Culture Gallery for the interactive performance, such as dances, art&crafts, games etc for the various countries. We would like to invite Turkey to participate in our Culture Gallery to showcase your rich culture and heritage in conjunction with the stamp displays and exhibits. The time slot will be given at no charge to the participating countries.

World Stamp Championship 2004

Venue: Singapore International Exhibition and Convention Centre, Suntec City.

Date: 28 August – 1 September 2004

Duration: 5 days

Stamp Exhibits: 2000 frames

Trade booths: 100

(Postal Administrators and dealers)

Attraction Galleries: Nature, Technology, Culture Current Participating partners for the Attraction Galleries

- Shell (Nature&Technology)
- Hong Kong Shanghai Bank (Nature)
- Microsoft (Technology)
- Creative Technology (Technology)
- Sony (Technology)

Estimated visitors: 200.000