4th International Meeting of Cinema & History


16 - 23 NOVEMBER 2001

"Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain"
Bir Jean - Pierre Jeunet Film
Audrey Tautou - Mathieu Kassovitz

Amélie, who lives on her own in Paris, is a naive girl who "searches for something she cannot define", as a result of the "intolerant" family circle, created by her parents. The traumas originating from a "constraining" world "without love", directs Amélie's life in an unexpected direction and she tires to help those around her with her particular sense of justice. The drama of Amélie, who provides everyone in her life with "happiness" lies in the fact that she is unable to do anything for herself even when she discovers "romance", and that she is scared to love...

""4th International Meeting of Cinema & History"

"Intolerance and Human Rights"

Dance Performance of Ministry of Culture
General Directorate of State Opera and Ballet Modern Dance Türkiye

The response of Dance to discrimination and violence that humanity has been struggling with for centuries is love and harmony. Modern Dance Türkiye has put together this program me as a contribution to the essence of civilised culture, which is the basic condition in order to maintain a harmonious society and tolerance among social groups. The mission of M.D.T. is based on an understanding of a sociocultural resistance against intolerance and violation of human rights today... These extracts aim to emphasize the human factor and hope to bring a wider understanding and reconciliation for this we have one medium, the universal language of the Arts.