49th Velice Biannual


49th Velice Biannual

In the 49th Venice Biannual, which is the most eminent activity of international current artistic and cultural milieu, to be held is Italy between 9th June - 4th October, Beral Madra from BM Contemporary arts Center will take place as curator and exhibition commissary in representation of our country with the assistance and support of the Foreign Ministry and our Ministry.

Venice Biannual that has been existing since 100 years is known as the most significant cultural and artistic event in the international cultural world. In this first biannual of 21st century, while theoretical intellectual sources of human and the pluralism of human power will be advocated on one hand, it will be emphasized on the other hand that differences are an enlightening for millenium. The point where attention is attempted to be drawn in this biannual is common history and heritage.

The Turkish stand, where the mixed works of prestigious artists such as Sermin Sherif, Murat Morava, Butch Morris, Ahmet Öktem and Güven İncirlioğlu will be exhibited with Beral Madra as the curator and commissary, will constitute a unique opportunity for opening new platforms of discussion on the differences between the old eat and the west. Given that these works of art reflect the chaos and secrets of life, the artists who created these works will present an interesting picture for guests from all countries willing to review the point of view, beliefs, emotions and thoughts of Turkish people an to interpret these concepts.

Artist: Sermin Sherif
Address: PK 71 / Yalıkavak, Bodrum, Türkiye
Tel: 0525 386 41 97

Title: Scarlet Scarf
Material and Technique: Color Photography
Date: 2001
Dimensions: 40 cm x 50 cm
Number of work: 80 pieces
Weight: 15 kg

Artist: Murat Morova
Address: Bostan Sok. Hümeyra apt. 3/3 80200 Teşvikiye İstanbul - Türkiye
Tel: 0212 236 00 86
Title: Turkish Delight
Material and Technique: 1 piece velvet stand / 1 piece velvet box / 1 piece brass plate / 30 pieces small lead figures
Date: 2001
Dimensions: 70 cm x 60 cm x 40 cm
Weight: 10 kg

Artist: Butch Morris
Address: Dulkadiroğlulları sok. Esen apt. No: 15 Arnavutköy - İstanbul Türkiye
Title: Sound
Material and Technique:
Composed Music
Pieces CD Player
Pieces Speakers
Date: 2001
Weight: 15 kg

Artist: Ahmet Öktem
Address: Şakayık Sok. Güven apt. No: 2/5 Teşvikiye - İstanbul Türkiye
Tel: 0212 230 44 79

Title: Untitled
Material and Technique: Photography, Light Metal Plate, Serigraphy, Vinyl
Date: 2001
Dimensions: 100 x 80 x 50 cm
Number: 10 pieces
Weight: 90 kg

Artist: Güven İncirlioğlu
Address: Galata Kulesi Sok. 29-31 / 4 Glorya apt. Kuledibi - İstanbul Türkiye
Tel: 0212 245 63 09

Title: Confessions
Material and Technique: Color Photography - Computer
Date: 2001
Dimensions: 45 cm x 60 cm x 30 cm
Pieces: 20
Weight: 10 kg

6. Open Air Work
Artist: Butch Morris, Murat Morova, Ahmet Öktem, Sermin Sherif, Güven İncirlioğlu, (cooperative work)
Title: The Perfumed Garden
Date: 2001
Material and Technique: 100 pieces painted wooden poles, 200 pieces galvanized metal sheets with serigraphy
Poles: 2 m x Ø 10 cm
Sheets: 40 x 15 cm
Weight: 50 kg